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Auto Kali Mist Feminized

Predominantly Sativa, Kali Mist is a feminized autoflowering variety of marijuana. The plant that grows from these seeds produces soft cones that are filled with resin and have high contents of THC. The inferior cones develop completely thanks to the structure of the plant’s leaves and branches, as they grow scarcer towards the roots.

Sex: Feminized
Autoflowering seeds: YES
Grows: Indoor, Outdoor, Greenhouse
Height: 50 -120 cm
Yield: 30 – 80 gr. per plant
Flowering time: 50-60 days
Complete life cycle: 80 days after planting
Cannabis Genetics: Kali Mist x Ruderalis
THC: 15%
Type: In/Sa/Ru
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The plants that grow from this variety can be cultivated in greenhouses, outdoor and indoor environments. They are tall and only have a handful of leaves, these being typical qualities for the Sativa strain. They reach heights up to 120 cm. The crops can be harvested in November, the lifecycle being of approximately 80 days

The resulting buds are dense and soft, and they produce crops which are far richer than one would expect from such lean plants. When cultivated outdoors, at the beginning of the year, the plant can grow very tall, having swirling flowers and high contents of resin. It has a very good structure of the branches, allowing the light to filter through and reach the inferior parts as well. Therefore, the plant can develop in its entirety.

The plants that grow from Auto Kali Mist Feminized have exquisite flavor and taste, being a tad spicy. The effects manifest themselves mostly on a cerebral level, providing the consumer with energy. This variety is also highly recommended to women, as it helps alleviate menstrual pains. This type of marijuana is appreciate by both experienced and inexperienced cultivators.

THC 15 – 20 %
Cultivation Indoor/Outdoor/Greenhouse
Height 100 – 150 cm
Harvest 350 – 500 gr.
For Beginners? Yes
Genes In/Sa/Ru Sa/Ru


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This is a variety of cannabis that is very appreciated by those who have experience in the field. Auto Kali Mist produces compact and resistant plants that contain high quantities of THC. Buy International cannabis marijuana seeds online