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  • July 16, 2020
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How do You Make Jello Shooters with Weed

Jello Shooters with weed are so jiggly, tasty, sweet, and fun!

As so many of you know, Jello has been loved for ages and now we have a recipe that includes cannabis!

The best way to make these shooters is by using one of our weed-infused alcohol recipes.

We also have a batch of fantastic cooking utensils and a sharp-looking apron you’ll definitely want to use in our online store!

What Alcohol Do I use in Jello Shooters?

Vodka takes the cake when it comes to the best alcohol to use with jello shooters. Our weed-infused vodka is the perfect pair!

Vodka is smooth and because of the way it’s made, it works well when Jello is setting in the fridge so you have the best, wiggly shooters ever.

What Flavors of Jello are Best?

We’re recommending the delicious and tangy lime jello. It’s a fantastic summer match – it quenches thirst and gives you a wonderful high that is manageable and marvelous.

You can choose any flavor of jello you love, but for this recipe, stick to lime!

Can I Add Fruit to Jello?

Absolutely! Adding fruit ( even though the packages say not to) makes your jello taste even better. IF you don’t want to make jello shooters, you can always make a big juicy bowl of jello and dole it out in bowls for your pals.

We would suggest kiwi or pineapple chunks to enhance the flavor and add a little punch to your mixture.

If you’d like to create a fun shooter buffet with plenty of other treats, why not create some pot brownies too? Decadent and SO delicious!

How do you make Jello Shooters with Weed? These cannabis and vodka shooters are tasty, refreshing, easy to make, and fun!