island tour strain

Island tour strain

Great cross between two extremely different strains, giving this combination something to be sought after. Your nose is immediately drawn to this bud, with almost a purple/fruity scent, and a follow up of walking into a wild flower garden. The taste kicks you just the same, yet ends with more of a cashed Kush finish. Stoney from the beginning, causing a bit of paranoia as the shift from indica to sativa and back settles in. The long run of this strain is amazing and comes down easily.

Island is also better known as Sweet Island Skunk and ISS, it is a sativa dominant strain with a 80:20 sativa/indica ratio and can have as much as 19% THC level. However, you have to keep in mind it is not to be confused with Sweet Skunk. It looks quite gorgeous and has dense and long spear shape…