humboldt seed organization review

Humboldt Seeds

The plants were not the easiest to grow, they were a little sensitive.

The buds taste and smell great, very sweet. The Humboldt descriptions are very accurate.

I trimmed 147 grams and got tired, the remaining buds were still showing 200 grams+ with a dry trim. So the yield was very good.

It was very interesting to grow this variety of Haze x Amnesia . She stretched alot on pre flower,flowering goes average 11 weeks with medium harvest results. But the quality of buds is awesome my brothers!!))) She smells like pine with hint of lime during the 7-11 weeks,and after drying she smells absolutely fantastic! very sweet,like pice of fuckin cake!) I was impressed) Alot of resin,they are everywhere)

The trip is very long lasting sativa high that makes u very focused and positive for a long time. ) The best sativa buds i ever tasted,thank u HSO:muscle: :+1::grin:

:sunglasses: Strain is beautiful! :heart_eyes:

:astonished: Great! :astonished:

Plant remain very compact, the scent is fabulous, and 2/3 plants have wonderful pheno colour, they remain dark smerald green till the last period of flowering when they turned leaf into a beautiful dark purple-red shades.
😥 Flowers remain pretty small, like the plants after all, but very dense and compact, massively covered by trichomes. :heart_eyes: :astonished:

Vegging for 11 weeks gave me a VERY leafy plant with some giant colas that yielded 4.38oz of dried bud.

Fantastic harvest. The stuff smells amazing in the jar and it SUPER stony. I love it. Great stuff and I’ll likely grow it again once I’m closer to burning through 4.38oz of fantastic bud!!

Thank you HSO, Mark and Sherbinski for this strain:ok_hand:.

It is real fire:fire:.

I think it is to much hype and to expensive.

But i got these seeds for free and i ve found a Keeper for tue next time.

Everything you want from the original without all the work :heart_eyes:

Cured one month. Classic deep bitter gas/chocolate with the fruity/candy finish on the taste.

Absolute knock-out indica especially Plant 2 a.k.a “Big Liz” who had an extra week or two while the second plant ripened up.

Two of the best/biggest plants I’ve grown in my short hobby growing career.

The smaller plant, Skinny Liz, had great compact buds of medium density. The plant itself was more like the Chem-Bomb/classic auto plant and flower structure, it even looked more like a Chem-Bomb when next to them in the tent. Smoked great and had a lighter daytime high since I pulled it a week early for my “DayQuil” smoking :joy:

The larger plant, Big Liz, “pine tree” style buds on plant were big when wet but airy/lost a lot of weight in cure. Definitely a different overall phenotype perhaps, the plants looks very different in structure and flower formation. This larger plant looked more like the Photoperiod CMOG I grew in my first grow ever. Very stoney and used for “NyQuil” smoking :zzz:

Some of the best performing plants in terms of growth and quality of smoke. Even a small increase in overall yield despite being under my old burple LED.

I have 3 more seeds left and VERY excited to grow them under my new @ViparSpectraLED and @MarsHydroLED lights. Will really give them a solid chance at yield now I don’t have starter lights anymore.

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