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Holland’s Hope Marijuana Strain [Full Review]

If there is one thing that the area of Holland is known for, it is as the spawning ground for all manner of different marijuana strains. Though people grow cannabis all over the world, Holland is a knowledge hub for weed in the West.

However, though there may be all manner of different strains available from this part of the world, there is one that acts as a sort of shining beacon — a strain that serves as the most authentic hope for all marijuana users: The Holland’s Hope strain.

But what is Holland’s Hope?

What Is the Holland’s Hope Strain?

Holland’s Hope strain of weed is one of those strange hybrids that is barely a hybrid at all. While most hybrids tend to be a pretty equal blend between sativa and indica this one is just an indica. Possessing about 90% indica in its genetics, this strain is guaranteed to offer up all the pleasant, well-known effects of indicas, with just a tiny dash of mind-altering sativa effects.

The strain’s name comes from the hopefully healthy genetic profile the breeders focused on, in an effort to make a strain that grows outside during Holland’s slightly wacky summertime weather.


As you first take a puff of Holland’s Hope, you will notice that you will feel more like you have just enjoyed a potent sativa than an indica-leaning hybrid. There is an intense cerebral effect, inducing sensations of extraordinary mental acuity, as well as generally pleasant feelings.

However, after a few minutes of this mental rush, the long-expected indica sensations will start to set in. Your muscles will relax, and a gently vibrating buzz will take hold. Your entire body will begin to sink into relaxation, physically dragging you down to the nearest comfortable surface.

As might be expected with such an indica-leaning strain, there is plenty of that infamous couch lock, as well as an increased tendency to shut your eyes and shut yourself away from the world around you.

There is also plenty of munchies; that sensation of an increased appetite that strikes you incredibly quickly and leaves you starving for whatever food you can find in the general vicinity.

From there, the high progresses quite typically, offering up fairly standard indica sensations and feelings that last for a very long time.

The critical thing about this strain is that it is not one dedicated to intense effects or even mesmerizing flavors and aromas. Instead, its main purpose was to grow it in a climate that isn’t inherently predisposed to developing marijuana.

With that in mind, there are still plenty of delicious flavors awaiting you when you first light up some Holland’s Hope.


The Holland’s Hope marijuana strain offers up an interesting, lemony aroma that is noticeable from a surprisingly large distance from the bud.

As you get your hands on it and start to break apart the bud, the smell deepens and intensifies, offering up a great deal of slightly more nutty and aromatic flavors. The overwhelming smell is one of pleasant lemon flavor, though there is also just a little bit of something almost challenging to describe. It is both nutty, woody, and just a little tart.

What about its taste? How does it feel on your tongue?


Holland’s Hope is one of those strains that offers up a pretty similar character to its aroma. As you first start smoking it, your tongue will get coated in a slightly tangy lemon flavor. It almost feels slightly fatty and productive. As its flavor begins to coat your tongue, your mouth becomes entirely lemon-filled, almost overwhelmingly so.

The rest of the aroma will start to take hold towards the end of the exhale, with a slight twang of other flavors like pine, nuts, and a bit of wood.

Weirdly enough, the flavor of Holland’s Hope is relatively typical of many indicas, which starts to make sense when you realize how much indica genetics Holland’s Hope has in its growing history.

What about how it looks? What is the appearance of Holland’s Hope?


Holland’s Hope’s appearance is remarkably similar to its effects, aroma, and flavor in that it is remarkably ordinary. Its leaves are intently green and vibrant in coloration. It is beautifully colored and looks like a stereotypical example of a marijuana plant.

The actual bud of the strain is also very regular in appearance. It has an attractive smattering of yellow pistils, as well as the almost requisite sprinkling of white trichomes, but other than that, it could appear to be virtually any other strain of weed.

The only way to make it even slightly different from its regular appearance is to try and grow some yourself. So, what kind of specialized knowledge do you need to grow your own Holland’s Hope?

Holland’s Hope Strain Grow Info

Thanks to the fact that this strain has been designed with growers in mind, Holland’s Hope strain seeds are available quite prolifically. You can find them in many online retailers or dispensaries. However, for the best chance of finding them, consider looking on websites based in the EU.

For best results, this strain should be grown outdoors, as the entire reason it was created in the first place was to facilitate growing outside.

This strain is able to stand up to all kinds of hot weather, especially weather that somehow manages to keep changing. However, it doesn’t stand up so well when faced with extremely cold temperatures for long periods of time.

So, if you find yourself living in a cold climate, you might want to grow it indoors to avoid dealing with the problems that cold weather can cause.

But if you want to try and create some attractive, more intricate coloration, you might be in luck. By carefully controlling the temperature towards the end of its flowering period, you can make the buds take on a yellow or even purple appearance. Simply lower the temperature about 15˚ F for a few hours a day in the last week of its growth. This encourages a myriad of intriguing chemical changes in the plant and creates some fascinating sights.

For those concerned with growing problems, this strain is exceptionally able to deal with any kind of pest or molds. After about eight weeks of nearly unfettered growth, this strain will be ready and produce in excess of around 25 ounces per plant.

Straight after harvesting, get it into a dryer quickly, and you can help preserve its trichomes. After collection, you Holland’s Hope, what kind of cannabinoid content can you expect from your bud?

THC Content – Highest Test

Holland’s Hope cannabis is considered a pretty intense indica, which usually means it is going to be on the stronger end. For this to occur, it needs to have a pretty high level of THC. However, Holland’s Hope only has around 18% at the highest test, which is not anywhere near as high as some strains can get.

While those that try to hunt as much THC as possible in their strains might find this problematic, it is incredibly useful for most marijuana users. Most people don’t want to find themselves overwhelmed by an enormously high THC level.

The lower levels of THC in this strain makes it perfect for those newbies still trying to get into the world of weed.

What about CBD, however? Does it have comparable levels of CBD, considering the THC isn’t that high?

CBD Content – Highest Test

Unfortunately, despite the fact that there is room for CBD in this strain due to its lower THC levels, there isn’t any CBD to speak of. Despite all the different samples of Holland’s Hope that get tested, pretty much all examples demonstrate basically zero CBD content.

However, there are still a few valuable medical benefits of this strain, even though there isn’t that much CBD.

Medical Benefits of the Holland’s Hope Strain

Like any other marijuana strain with plenty of THC and some substantial indica effects, this strain is excellent for treating pain. Whether the pain is chronic or temporary, this strain is excellent at dealing with it.

The feelings of pleasant relaxation and general contentedness can also help make issues related to depression and anxiety easier. This is especially relevant, considering the slightly lower level of THC when compared to many other indicas. This helps make it easier to avoid dealing with anxious and paranoid episodes, something beneficial to those with such conditions.

The intense sensation of the munchies that this strain induces is sure to help overcome problems related to anorexia or other eating disorders. You can’t help but grab a snack when under the influence of this strain.

People often use it to help treat cancer symptoms, especially if those symptoms are related to cancer treatment. Stabilizing nausea, suppressing pain and inflammation, and just generally helping you feel good are all incredible benefits of this strain.

It is almost impossible to maintain the sensation of stress in your life when you know you have this strain to look forward to at the end of the day. Despite its long list of beneficial medical effects, it is the treatment of stress that is by far the most popular reason to use this strain.

Being able to completely ignore the horrors and annoyances of your day, kick back and relax and then gently fall asleep is incredibly useful. This is something that the Holland’s Hope strain excels at.

However, as is the case with almost every strain in existence, there are going to be a few adverse side effects that accompany these beneficial sensations. What are the side effects of Holland’s Hope strain?

Possible Side Effects of the Holland’s Hope Strain

Despite its seemingly lower than usual THC levels, Holland’s Hope is still considered a high THC strain. This means that it shares a few of the most common side effects that all high THC strains possess.

For starters, you can expect to suffer from the ever-present dry mouth and dry eyes that almost every intense strain will induce. Simply keep some water on hand to help mitigate the dryness, and you will be fine.

Other serious side effects of this strain include a combination of both anxiety and paranoia. This is ironic considering that many people choose to take Holland’s Hope for the specific purpose of treating these conditions. However, the reason that Holland’s Hope sometimes causes these unpleasant side effects is almost entirely due to overuse.

When you smoke too much of this strain at once, far more than your body is prepared to handle, the effects may become overwhelming. This is what creates these sensations of paranoia. It is incredibly easy to avoid; don’t smoke too much at one time.

There are also some instances of people reporting dizziness as a side effect of this strain, but this can usually be attributed to overuse as well. When you smoke too much Holland’s Hope – or any potent strain – at once, your brain has a bit of a short circuit. It can cause headaches, fatigue, and a slight dizziness that makes you need to sit down right this second.

In a thankful change of pace from other strains with higher than average THC levels, as long as you keep your wits about you and don’t smoke too much, you will be fine.

Final Thoughts on the Holland’s Hope Strain

The idea that Holland needs some kind of saving grace to make reliable marijuana might seem pretty strange to most people. After all, Holland is the home of pot in the west, right? However, everything has its downsides, and Holland struggles with unpredictable weather in the summer, which is why this strain is so important.

While Holland’s Hope is an incredibly exciting strain just for its growth and genetic history, it is also a great strain in its own right. With plenty of bursting flavors, a clean and straightforward indica-leaning high, and plenty of long-lasting effects, this is a strain to look forward to.

It might not be especially common outside of Holland and Western Europe, but it still is something you should definitely keep an eye out for. You might get lucky and get to experience the hope of all of Holland.

Everything you need to know about Holland's Hope marijuana strain, including effects, medicinal benefits, growing tips, and more.