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Hawaiian baby woodrose Category: Hallucinogens

Also called: argyreia nervosa, lysergamide, elephant creeper, trip C, purple ohms, trip, E, happy caps, dionysus, BC2.

How it’s used

Hawaiian baby woodrose is a climbing vine with large furry seeds which grow in pods. The seeds are light brown or tan in colour and contain a powerful hallucinogen LSA (lysergic acid amide), similar to LSD. You can be swallow them whole or crush them and mix with hot water to make a tea. These seeds have long been used in religious ceremonies in Hawaii and parts of South America.

Short-term effects

  • Effects begin after an hour and typically last for 4-8 hours
  • Your perceptions of time, sounds and vision change
  • Euphoria – extreme happiness
  • Extreme tiredness

Long-term effects

  • Flashbacks
  • You risk psychological disturbance if you use heavily
  • Indifference and apathy
  • Decreased psychomotor activity
  • You may feel like you’re sinking into nothingness
  • Tiredness, desire to sleep
  • Feelings of unreality

Other dangers

Overdose of Hawaiian baby woodrose may cause a psychotic episode

If you are pregnant

Do not use Hawaiian baby woodrose if you are pregnant as it can cause uterine contractions, so you could lose your baby.


You can’t become physically addicted and there is a very low risk of psychological dependency.

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