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Han Solo Burger Strain Review Featuring High Grade Farms From Hollywood High Grade In California

When it comes to craft cannabis, cannabis lovers expect the best quality products. One brand that understands the importance of a high-level smoking experience is High Grade Farms. The Han Solo Burger strain, a hybrid cross of GMO Cookies x Larry F8, is one product that contributes to the brand’s elite status.

In this official West Coast Weed Tour Review, @JoeyJayPing gets an up-close experience with the strain through the Han Solo Burger 1G Pre-roll.

First Impressions

Walking into the Hollywood High Grade dispensary, Joey is immediately pointed in the direction of the Han Solo Burger 1G Pre-roll. The joint comes housed in a sleek, black case with gold embellishments. The Indica joint is made up of 29.51% THC and 35.01% active cannabinoids. In other words, this is one potent strain.

One-Hit Review

Joey’s first hit of the Han Solo Burger has a delicious flavor. Tastes of earthy pine and a powerful gas shine through. Through the rest of the burn, the flavors come out more and more.

The high from the High Grade Farms strain can be felt immediately. First, the terpenes in the flower send a burning sensation through Joey’s nostrils. Next, he felt the high rush through his entire body until he felt it in his fingers and toes. The high wraps around the head as well, creating a pleasant heaviness in the back of the eyes and head.

Jayping’s overall experience with this strain led him to qualify the Han Solo Burger as a high-level product, resulting in a score of 9.25 out of 10. Room for improvement lies in more information on genetics and the terpene profile of the plant. However, this is a strain perfect for anyone in need of a quality craft cannabis experience.

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The Han Solo Burger strain, a hybrid cross of GMO Cookies x Larry F8, is one product that contributes to High Grade Farms' elite status.