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Super Lemon Haze

Super Lemon Haze

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Super Lemon Haze

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Super Lemon Haze Auto

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Day of chop: December 18th, 2020
Days alive: 127
Days curing: 33

Test Method: 8 inch bubbler bong, one bowl smoked of a ground-up cola tip

Colors: 4/5 – Green, Orange, Silver, Gold
Bag appeal: 4/5 – Looks like headstash material to me
Structure: 5/5 – Best of the run in terms of uniform, picturesque structure

Density: 4/5 – Nugs could be just a little denser
Stickiness: 4/5 – Great resin content

Aromas 3/5: Lemon, Cheese, Pungent

Flavors: 4/5 – Decently prominent, pine-sol, cream/cheese

A warm wave rolls over the mind, uplifting the mood and washing away worries. Only slightly sativa dominant and being more of a hybrid high, you can be relaxed while productive, although this high seems better suited for play than work.

Medicinal use: 3/5 – stress relief, depression, anxiety, appetite, body pain, a jack of all trades and good all-rounder, master of none

Growth (5/5) – Best structure of the run, perfect marks from me

Yield (4/5) – if those nugs were just a bit denser. still an amazing yielder

My Grow Style/Setup: Compact indoor Coco Hempy Bucket – Probably as small of a plant as I’ll ever grow again, but made good use of the space available. HID lights with UVB in late flowering. Hung whole to dry for 5 days

Weight in larf/trim: 28g

Note: This review is subjective and reflects the overall rating of the results of this specific grow – however, well bred strains will always be at least five out of ten

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