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How to Germinate Strawberry Seeds

Germinating Strawberry Seeds: Summary

This document was created and published by the leading producer of gourmet strawberry seeds, Mike Wellik of The Strawberry Seed Store in Delaware. It is a culmination of his many years of experience germinating strawberry seeds and raising the plants. It is a valuable resource for both the beginning and experienced strawberry grower or any enthusiast who wishes to grow strawberries from seed. The following is covered in the publication:

Introduction to Germinating Strawberries

1. A brief introduction is provided that discusses why the document was produced. Additionally, a discussion of the nature of strawberry seeds is provided for background. Preconditioning as a means to break the dormancy of the achenes and initiate germination is discussed.

2. Also discussed is the effect of proper storage conditions for different varieties on their germination rates and viability. In addition to preconditioning, other factors that aid germination are discussed: using vermicompost, specific wavelengths of light, and even isolated compounds from wood smoke can aid germination.

Preparation and Media for Sprouting Seeds

3. Considerations for appropriate preparation of sprouting media is discussed and reviewed. Video of strawberry sprouting mix is linked. Caution is urged when using compost, and use of peat pellets is not encouraged. Also displayed are simple and inexpensive tools that can be used to sow the seeds quickly and effectively.

How to Germinate Strawberry Seeds: Conclusion

This publication is an important addition to the Strawberry Plants Library and should be referenced by anyone having difficulty getting their strawberry seeds to germinate. Mike Wellik also offers a tremendous variety of gourmet strawberry seeds (some of which are difficult to find anywhere else). This resource is a good one to download and keep on hand for future reference as well. The linked videos are particularly helpful in demonstrating the specifics when learning how to germinate strawberry seeds. Everything from pre-germination to post-germination is covered.

Learn how to germinate strawberry seeds with this guide. It's not hard to grow strawberries from seed if you know what to do.