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Funks seed

I believe they were headquartered in Kentland Indiana by Edward J and sons. the company had spin offs. most of the boys have past away or got out of the seed business. I believe 1 may still be going as Frontiersman, a Monsanto sub.

And now that whole crew of guys that took Crow’s that went on to become Channel have bought Pfister hybrids. Guessing they will try to ramp it up and do the same thing they did with Crow’s, starting out with some of the same buying incentive programs Crow’s was known for.

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Some of the breeders & others left Funk’s G and help start Golden Harvest. Ciba & GH were later bought by Syengenta.

I was not aware of that but I do seem to recall that RobSeeCo (later known as Golden Harvest ) grew and marketed Funk’s G hybrids in the western district, until they split off and founded GH. That would have been sometime shortly after the Ciba buyout in 1975.

Dad sold Funks G from 1950 until 1975 and in the last couple years was getting beaten badly by Pioneer so in 1976 he started selling Pioneer. He sold Pioneer until 1999. I remember unloading many trucks delivering seed here. In those days here we would deliver with a pickup and a pickup load may have covered 10-15 customers. Lots of 2-5 bag orders back then. The one number from Funks G I remember was G4252. That was the big seller here for a number of years.

The Funks from Indiana, were descendants of Edward J. Funk. He began producing hybrid seed corn in the mid-1930s. The brand name was Super Crost.

Funk’s G was the largest seed corn company in the country in the early years. When I was young, it was still one of the Big 3, along with Dekalb & Pioneer. They were acquired by CIBA-Geigy, and eventually disappeared as the result of acquisitions & mergers.

Golden Harvest & Agri-Gold were started by growers associated with Funk’s G.

As far as I know, no one from the IL. Funk family is associated with the seed corn business today. The home farm of Eugene Funk is, I think, operated by a foundation or something. I think his home is open for tours.

Super Crost was never larger than a regional brand. Edward J. Funk’s grandson, Don, is still a player in the seed corn industry.

Here is the story:

Funks has been discussed here many times in 10 years.

Australia, of all places. Aussies ahead of us again LOL.

There is a good history on a couple of seed corn websites but don’t have them handy.

When I hear Funk’s I think of Hoot Gibson, my dealer. He lived in those Funk hats.

I remember 3369A and 3352 everywhere before they hit the jackpot with 3394, that was until the Achilles Heal appeared and it crashed to the ground and Holden crosses took over.

The rest is history they say.

Oops, forgot to post this which tells the story of Funk’s G Hybrids.

I was a District Sales Manager in southeastern Wisconsin for, (1st ) Funk Bros. Seed Co. then Funk Seeds International. Eventually after being publicly owned at one time and being owned by Corn Products Company International (CPC International ), they were bought by CIBA GEIGY soon to be swallowed up by the parent company and eventually under the “umbrella” of Syngenta.
I was there when Southern Corn Leaf Blight hit and it was a great day for Funk’s G Hybrids, for we were the ONLY company that had forseen this occurance, (I recall a meeting in Chicago when ALL the district reps were brought in for the announcement that “next year we will be going back to detassling our seed because of a thing called “T Cytoplasm” that created male sterility, but ALSO allowed a “new disease” to attach offspring of that parent ).
There was a huge groan in the room for we all knew that was going to increase seed prices, and at that point we had no idea how bad SCLB would turn out to be.
Yes G-4444 was “king of the hill” not only because of SCLB but also because it far surpassed DeKalb’s XL45 which was the “hot hybrid” prior to G-4444.
The Funk company that produced G-4444 was NOT Edw. J Funk and son’s of Kentland In. . Edw. J. used to love it when they were confused with Funk’s G Hybrids.
Here is a link that will take you to the story of Eugene Funk and his brother of McClean Co., Ill. who are the forefathers of Funk Bros. Seed Co.

As I read through this old thread I find that some of you guys are at least partially correct, and some are WAY off base.
Just a bit more about the Funk Associates. Funk Bros. Seed Company had what were called “Associated Growers”. These were (mostly ) smaller seed companies that had contracts with Funk’s to access parent stock and grow Funk products. The original company in their quest to expand could not cover the entire US and so they made these contracts with people like RobSeeCo, )Robinson Seed Company, even a producer in Canada and a number of others whose names I do not recall at the moment. Actually Wisconsin and a couple of counties in north western Ill were under contract with the Schissler Seed Company until about the time I was hired and the parent company bought back the contract for Wisconsin.
These Associates banded together about the time that CIBA GEIGY got into the act and they pulled out of Funk Seeds to form Golden Harvest. That’s a sketch of how THAT happened.

Funks seed I believe they were headquartered in Kentland Indiana by Edward J and sons. the company had spin offs. most of the boys have past away or got out of the seed business. I believe 1 may