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The Pros and Cons of Using Feminizing Spray on Your Cannabis Plants

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Nov 12, 2019 · 5 min read

We all have these moments that when we have to decide, we visualize a set of two pathways heading in different directions- one goes to the left and the other on the right. We are struggling to make the right moves because of the fear of committing mistakes, which may harm the people surrounding us. At the same time, we doubt if can we really reach our end goal with victory and confidence.

The same applies with the u s e of Feminizing Spray on our Cannabis Plants. A part of us is strongly curious with what will really happen to our plant, especially to those first-time users of the spray. On the other hand, a part of ourselves pull us back and encourage our minds to think more and find other solutions to nourish our seeds with somewhat safer ways.

The Feminizing Spray

A feminizing spray is used by growers who want to make their plants turn female from being a male one. It is an active agent in chemically changing a Marijuana Plant’s gender without harming the Cannabis plant at all. It comes with kinds of spray ranging from the most popular Colloidal Silver up to Organic Sprays.

These sprays have been fused with different minerals that help inhibit the growth of male properties of a plant and create a better room for the female parts to grow and fully bloom. Eventually, the male part of a plant will eventually get wither and die, boosting the female plants to grow.

Because of its ability to forcibly convert an ordinary Marijuana Plant into a Feminized one, the world has seen an increasing number of people choosing this method to effectively produce a feminized Cannabis Plant without so many finances to use and efforts to make.

The Advantages

In the USA, each Feminizing Spray is known to create a wonderful effect on regular plants and because of this, the sprays hyped up a number of Marijuana Users as they effectively search for ways to develop feminized plants.

1. It saves a lot of money

When you bought a feminizing spray, you don’t need to buy that expensive Feminized Seeds anymore, as this plant will definitely do its part to save you from headaches due to budget shortages. Yeah, we understand you and your struggles to save money for the sake of these wonderful herbs, and as the other Cannabis enthusiasts search for more affordable ways to save money, they have developed the feminizing sprays which prevail in the industry for years.
It has already helped thousands of growers, especially those who are experimenting on the plants they own.

2. It will effectively help you along the way

Feminizing Sprays are so efficient that every spray they emit could mean anything for a young and developing Cannabis plant. During the earlier times, it will be a struggle for you to remove the male parts of your plant one by one and with precise movement to avoid stressing your plant.

Now that these sprays have arrived in the market, you just simply need to apply it on the male parts and wait for their pollens to come out and simply tear down the parts!

3. It is not harmful to the plant

The plant will not be harmed at all, as you trigger your silver bullet to a big problem. In fact, it will help the plant to decide on its gender without the chances of reducing its THC content at all. As we can remember, there are strains of plants which needs to struggle first with its gender before carrying out its possible role in the nature, as soon as the gender has been established inside its system- either be the plant that will do the reproduction, or the plant who will do the other organic functions.

The Disadvantages

If there’s a pro, there’s a con. Most of the people are being blinded with the feminizing spray as their savior for everything. However, there are consequences in using a feminizing agent on your plants.

1. Colloidal Silver, an active variant for Feminizing Sprays, can hurt our body

It is hard to accept that we need silver in our body. As we all know, Silvers are excellent mediums for jewelry and fashion, but it turns different when it enters our body. They claim that Colloidal Silver is a great dietary supplement, but it is not.

This chemical can cause permanent skin discoloration with the users, as well as poisoning due to the possible huge absorption of silver to our body. There are no legitimate studies done since then to prove that colloidal silvers are good for our body, even if this is only considered as a food supplement.

2. It is not organic and natural at all

If you are an avid fan of organic farming, then this feminizing spray is not organic at all. Though some claim that their feminizing sprays came from organic ingredients packed with minerals, there are compound chemicals which are obviously synthetic. Some consider that feminizing sprays are like pesticides and other chemical-filled farming supplies which may harm the growers due to their direct contact with the said products.

Because of this, the organic advocates are encouraging the growers to feminize their plants in the normal and simple way, instead of applying this spray and directly use with their strains being grown at home.

3. It takes time

Feminizing Spray may immediately have its effect, but the problem deals with the time. It takes a few weeks before officially serving its purpose. A feminizing spray may instantly have its effects with the male pollen sacs, but the parts where it was applied needs at least 3 to 5 weeks before releasing the feminized pollens.

It may save you more money but it will not save your time. Be informed that you have to deal with the rigid time frame just to collect the optimal pollens and use it on the female plants. After the pollination, it will have to take some weeks before finally receiving the much-awaited feminized seeds.


There will always be good and bad sides in everything you will do. What you need to do first is to sit down, think and be ready with the consequences and changes that will definitely happen with your plants, as soon as you chose to use the feminizing sprays for more affordable feminization process, or simply buy the feminized seeds and immediately start planting them for good.

Either of the two will increase your experience in Cannabis Gardening, so be wise enough in choosing your method! Enjoy gardening!

We all have these moments that when we have to decide, we visualize a set of two pathways heading in different directions- one goes to the left and the other on the right. We are struggling to make…