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ETHOS Genetics

Ethos Genetics is a US seed bank with more than 20 years of experience in the rich variety of cannabis.
The Ethos line of cannabis genetics are bred specifically to maximize quality and yield. Ethos is all about quality.

The Ethos mission is to change the culture in the marijuana seed cultivation and selling industry. Ethos takes their growing seriously. Ethos uses science and data to apply the best practices, make the most effective combinations and produce cup winning seeds time and again.

Ethos is about raising the game, sharing their expertise and selling you the best possible product.

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OG Kush Autoflower Rbx

Inzane In The Membrane

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Mandarin Cookies R1 V2

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OG Kush Autoflower Rbx

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Inzane In The Membrane

Purple Majik R1

Ethos Chem OG RBX1

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Planet Of The Grapes

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Yes. Exactly what I imagined it to taste like! Straight up tropical and it glows so strong in the light with all the trichs. It was actually really hard to get a decent couple of pics because of that, so I decided to take a video. Even in that, you can see how absolutely coated in frost it is! I honestly did not expect to yield even half of what I did, so I’m extremely pleased. As I only smoke (occasionally) all of this will last me a decent amount of time. And the effect is extremely euphoric. It reminds me a little of purple lemonade, but with more of a sweetness.

Took about a week and a half to fully dry btw! Extremely dense small-mid size buds all around.

Harvest time! MD1 smaller than MD2, but frosty and sticky with purple. MD2 has very large and dense buds that are also covered in frost and quite sticky. MD2 also smells like fuel & lime citrus, MD1 is like hay and earth.
Will update in 7-10 days with initial smoke report and dry weight.

Cannabis seed bank information: grow journals, strain reviews, best growers, brand history. ETHOS Genetics

Ethos seeds

With over 20 years of breeding experience and a rigorously tested library of strains, Ethos Genetics are at the pinnacle of their game when it comes to creating top-shelf cannabis genetics.

Since the start of their breeding career, the Ethos Genetics library of strains have proudly achieved over 20 Cannabis Cup titles; 12 for Best Flower & 20+ for Best Concentrate. The Head Breeder and Chief of Operations claiming four of these himself.

Ethos Genetics have operated only within the US since their inception, so their strains bring a new lease of life to the European market where creative hybrid crosses have slowly stalled; you won’t find any ‘cheesiness’ in their genetics!

Before each of their newest creations are released to those lucky enough to purchase them, every strain goes through a minimum of 26 weeks testing; if Ethos Genetics aren’t 100% happy with the results, they don’t release it. This way Ethos Genetics can guarantee you’re getting astounding genetics to be amazed by.

Boasting an impressive genetic library, which includes US Clone only strains like Forum Cut Cookies and Gorilla Glue #4, Ethos Genetics are going to keep on breeding new cup-winning and record-breaking strains, but you must be quick! Only 30% of their released strains find a way into their permanent catalog; if you see something you like they cannot guarantee it’ll be around forever!

Their feminized seeds are created using ‘Alpha Feminized Technology’; this revolutionary method of creating 100% female seeds ensures the mother plants go through no stress in producing feminized pollen. This creates more vigorous offspring with less hermaphroditic tendencies, ensuring less problems for the grower.

With some of their strains being tested as high as 32% THCa and 15% Terpene content, we’re confident you’ll find a cup-winning keeper!

**FREE SEEDS** RECEIVE 6X FREE SEEDS PER PACK PURCHASED – STRAINS INCLUDE: JACK HERER BX1 REG GDP X OG BX1 REG ETHOS KUSH BX5 REG MAX 18 SEEDS PER ORDER WHILE STOCKS LAST With over 20 years of breeding experience and a rigorously tested library of strains, Ethos Genetics are at the pinnacle of their game when it come