dutch treat strain review

Dutch treat strain review

Always a staple of mine. I prefer either making my own Alcohol extract or buying it already made, but the bud is equally as exciting. What I like the most about this strain is the creativity. I can’t keep my hands off my guitar and inspiration seems to come from everywhere. Good shit!

The ONLY Indica that gives me anxiety. I thought it was reversed. Oh well I’ll grind up some Snoop Dream that otta smooth it out. COFFEE INDICA. That just sounds funny. And strange. Tastes AWSOME.

44% joint tn !! Amazing

SUPER relaxing. Good for day and night. Definately what you want on a rainy day. It’s got a really cool “vibe” to it as well. You’re smoking a staple of europe and the signature strain of Amsterdam and you know instantly why it has all the hype and popularity. Really awesome strain from the bog fluffy popcorn fur and crystal coated nugs, it’s really sweet tasting, smooth, dense smoke. This belongs in every stoner’s stash for sure.

Got the alcohol extract concentrate produced by MedUSA Gardens and it is excellent. Just a small dab on a sandwich in the morning gives a mildly disorienting day-long high.

I read that Dutch Treat’s parents were supposed to be Northern Lights and Haze. My top CBD was a strain called Pearl CBD which nearly had 20% CBD and less than 0.5 THC by Panacea. I can’t seem to find it anywhere anymore. My second smoking type CBD is AC/DC by Panda. It says it’s a Sativa but it hits me like an Indica. Very low THC and high CBD. I now predominantly use CBD oil from Fairwinds. Tried Dutch Treat from Equinox for the first time today. It was a very long high and I only took two hits. Also, it’s very strong! I was very glad I didn’t exceed my two hit limit. This brand has it labeled as an Indica. Which is what I want. I don’t do Sativas for the most part at all. Very smooth. It certainly gave me “couch lock” and I’ve been yawning a lot. Plus, very quick dry mouth. But I’d have to let you know tomorrow to have my final vote on this strain.

Not surprisingly, Dutch Treat is an Amsterdam staple, an indica-dominant hybrid with a 20:80 sativa/indica ratio. The strain's limited sativa genetics produce a near-instant head rush, followed by a numbing body high somewhere short of couch-lock. Dutch Treat has THC levels reaching 18-25%, so it…

Dutch Treat Complete Strain Review

Anyone with an iota of marijuana knowledge is aware of the famed Amsterdam coffee shop scene. Yet people are always amazed that weed is technically illegal in these shops. It is merely a case of police turning a blind eye! In any case, the Dutch Treat strain, as the name suggests, has become a staple of these locations. It is also now regularly seen in North American dispensaries.

What Is the Dutch Treat Strain?

Dutch Treat weed is a strongly indica-dominant (80%) hybrid. This strain’s lineage is somewhat contentious. However, most agree that this strain was created in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, by famed breeders Jordan of the Islands, formed in 1992.

Most agree that this strain was created in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, by famed breeders Jordan of the Islands, formed in 1992.

If you have heard the name before, it is not a surprise. They also created the much-loved Blue Hawaiian and God Bud strains. However, the Dutch Treat strain that has become so popular in North America was released by East Island Seeds. This ‘new’ mix of the strain leans heavily towards indica while the original Dutch Treat is more balanced.

Dutch Treat Aroma

Dutch Treat is a beautiful, fragrant strain, and its very aroma is capable of energizing you. The fruity scent, which consists of blueberries and candy, and piney and eucalyptus notes, is an intense olfactory experience.

Dutch Treat Flavor

This strain tastes as fruity as it smells, and ‘mouth-watering’ is an apt description. There are also hints of sweet earth and pine. Ultimately, Dutch Treat will leave a pleasant woody and sweet aftertaste on the palate of the consumer.

Dutch Treat Appearance

Dutch Treat grows short and stout and consists of stunning green nugs laden with trichomes . This strain almost looks ‘glazed,’ and when the pistils begin to turn orange, it is an aesthetic delight. You will know a healthy Dutch Treat plant because of its vibrant colors and dense, sticky buds.

Dutch Treat Strain Grow Info

If you are an outdoor grower, Dutch Treat may not be the best option because it prefers an indoor setup. It responds well to soil or hydroponic setup. Even amateur growers should find it comparatively simple to grow this hybrid. As long as you provide it with a dry and warm environment, it will thrive.

When growing Dutch Treat, be prepared to trim the lower half of the plant. This will provide the main colas with a growth boost. Make sure the airflow in your grow room is good. Keep the humidity level at the lower end of the recommended ranges. It is a low maintenance plant, so avoid overfeeding it.

When growing Dutch Treat, be prepared to trim the lower half of the plant.

When grown indoors, the flowering time ranges from 8-9 weeks, and yields around 12 ounces per square meter. If you grow Dutch Treat outside, it will harvest early (end of September), but provides just 8 ounces per plant. Keep daytime temperatures between 72 and 80 degrees.

Dutch Treat THC Content – Highest Test

For most marijuana users, THC is the be-all and end-all when it comes to a strain. This isn’t the best way to think about a strain’s THC content, however. A strain with 28% THC won’t necessarily provide you with a ‘better’ high than one with 18%. Most inexperienced users are better off sticking with a THC content of below 20%.

As for Dutch Treat, lab tests have reported versions of the strain with a THC as high as 30%. This is extremely potent and is way too strong for novices to consume. However, 30% is at the top of the range. There are also Dutch Treat strains with a considerably lower THC level of 18%.

Dutch Treat CBD Content – Highest Test

Cannabidiol is the subject of much debate. Research seems to suggest that it offers similar medical benefits to THC, only without the high. If you are hoping for a CBD-rich strain, Dutch Treat will disappoint you.

Its CBD content seldom exceeds 0.2%. In other words, the THC to CBD ratio could be as high as 125:1! Dutch Treat may still provide medical benefits. We will discuss Dutch Treat’s potential health benefits in the “Medical Benefits of the Dutch Strain” section below. However, due to its potency, this isn’t a strain you should use for a quick hit at the office.

Dutch Treat Effects

This is a potentially potent strain, and initially, you may feel as if you are flying immediately after using it. The cerebral high offers a euphoric and uplifted feeling, and you may find yourself smiling for no particular reason. It is an excellent strain if you want to chill out because it also soothes the mind.

Most Dutch Treat lovers consume it in the evening after a hard day at work and want to reduce stress. Your mind will still operate, just more slowly than usual, which may help you think more clearly. Eventually, you will feel sleepy and are ready for a good night’s sleep.

Medical Benefits of Dutch Treat Strain

This is yet another popular medicinal strain. Even though Dutch Treat is potent, its effects have a slow onset. They typically come in smoothly rather than making you feel as if you have been hit with a steam train. Dutch Treat consumers say that it helps them to relax and unwind. This strain is said to help relieve physical, mental, and even emotional tension.

This strain is said to help relieve physical, mental, and even emotional tension.

Dutch Treat’s soporific effects may be useful to medicinal consumers looking to combat insomnia. You will slowly begin to relax, and eventually, sleep takes hold.

Also, this strain’s uplifting and euphoric high may offer temporary relief to consumers with depression. Chronic pain sufferers may also find benefits from Dutch Treat. This strain is also said to have antiemetic effects. This may help to alleviate feelings of nausea.

Remember, these medical benefits are purely anecdotal. Therefore, if you are thinking about consuming Dutch Treat to alleviate the symptoms of your particular condition, you must discuss this with your medical professional beforehand.

Possible Side Effects of Dutch Treat Strain

Even though this strain is potent, Dutch Treat is not known for its adverse side effects. There is a possibility that you feel anxious and paranoid if you have never used marijuana before. You might experience cottonmouth symptoms and dry eyes.

Final Thoughts on Dutch Treat Strain

Proponents of Dutch Treat claim that it is everything a hybrid should be. Its indica traits will leave you feeling profoundly relaxed and ultimately sleepy. Dutch Treat’s sativa characteristics will have a mood-enhancing effect and may even stimulate your creative side. It is very much a ‘social’ smoke because you feel engaged and active at the outset.

However, as Dutch Treat ultimately makes you feel sleepy, you should save it for home use. Due to the nature of this strain’s effects, it is best used in the evening. It may not be Dutch, but it is certainly a ‘treat’ for the senses.

Everything you need to know about Dutch Treat marijuana including effects, potential benefits, how to grow you own, and more.