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From Nevils eed Bank I’m super stoked on these. Ive bought 8 packs of them.
I bought 4 packs each of the Dominion Skunk, and the Granny Skunk, in the last week.

I was going to have my acoustic guitar neck reset, ( $800 ) and a Refret, but decided to get these.
I’m going to let my buddy run as many as he can. He’ll probably start with 1 pack each, and look for a keepr or 2. I know there are a couple phenos from each strain, so it will be interesting.

I remember all of the SSSC stuff, Nevils, The Seed Bank, and bought many of those genetics, and unfortunately I got ratted out buy my partner in 97, and lost al of the genetics to the feds.

I had a cross of the LTD Release from Nevil. NL5 x Haze, crossed with Early 90s Sensi NL5 x Skelly HP x SSSC Sk1, and it was, and STILL IS, the best stuff Ive seen since the 70s, and not much even then would be close to it.

The taste was pure Hash. Lung Buster, and you would cough every hit, I don’t care who you are. You hit it hard, youre coughing, and tears, and snot will be everywhere.

Wasn’t safe to drive on as it also cause momentary eyesight loss from the head rush, add on the coughing, and was really not a good idea to operate anything you can hurt yourself with.

The only thing the Dominion has that is different than mine on 1 side is the NL5/Hz vs VA 91chem, and it may be as good or better vs Nevils NL5 x Hz. I don’t know, but probably in the ballpark.

Ive also got 5 packs of the Puck Yeah, I expect them to really powerful. What I had from Nevil should be the same as these.

Nevils Hashplant was a backcross of the NL1 x Skelly F2 Male BX into Skelly mom.

It would be nice if Coastal would backcross an F2 male back into the Skelly mom again.

Nevil said he got 50/50 HP/NL1 pheno, with 1 in 4 being Exceptional, and all of them killer.

He also mentioned the Smaller Seeds were more desirable. He was getting Large Size, and Very Small seeds, and used to impress people with the big seeds, but said the smaller seeds produced more potent plants.

The Coastal Puch Yeah I got were indeed very small.

thoughts on his new releases ,that just dropped on shn,thanks bob.

The Duke Diamond Family Relief Fund

$55,617 raised of $60,000 goal

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Dear community, one of our own – and my good friend – is in need of assistance for his wife and children. The incomparable Thomas Gunn, aka, “Duke Diamond” got hemmed up in Missouri back in late October, 2019 for NON CANNABIS RELATED charges.

I had him out on bond for about 2 months, when he returned to his hearing the State quietly dropped the charges, ending my bond. Within minutes the Feds picked it up and it became a federal case.

We have spent A Lot of money on attorneys trying our best to get him out. We had him steps away from freedom then the magistrate judge over-ruled another judge on his release papers. We don’t know where we go from here.

If you know Tommy Gunn, then you know this sort of request is not him, he helps in these causes but never asks.

I explained that I was asking him, if I could do this for him. He reluctantly agreed. .

His family is in need, and we want to help make sure they are taken care of so Duke can rest easier, and fight the battles ahead. To this end, I, The Real Jamez Bean, Mean Jean and others are teaming up to raise funds for Gunn’s wife, Jessica, and their family.

This community has always taken care of each other when one of our own is in need. We are hoping to raise enough to offset the fiscal strain the situation has put on Duke’s family and make certain their basic needs are taken care of. Again, 100% of the donations will go directly to Jessica to use for the family’s needs.

We humbly thank you in advance for any donation you are able to provide. Or, as Tommy would say . “thanks for everything, ya’ll are the best!”

Dusty GreenHaze
Director of Administration

[email redacted]
@dustygreenhaze (IG)

Phone Hours: Monday – Thursday 10 AM – 2 PM PST

Dear community, one of our own – and my good friend – is in need of assistance for his … Jamez Bean needs your support for The Duke Diamond Family Relief Fund