dragon’s blood strain

Bodhi Seeds Dragon Blood Hashplant

Origins and Backstory: From Bodhi Seeds, this unique cultivar is a F1 hybrid of an heirloom Hawaiian sativa and Bodhi’s selected male, 1988 G13 x Hashplant. Bodhi’s 88G13HP male is known for contributing vigor, frost, and potency to his progeny. The Hawaiian sativa used in this cross is known otherwise as “Blood” due to its unique bleeding trait. When you top this sativa, cut into branches, etc., she bleeds a maroon-red sap that is allegedly higher in brix content than average varieties. Bodhi describes the mother as “refreshing.”

Appearance: The phenotypes differed dramatically in their appearance. Abnormal floral clusters were common, putting out strange structures that I’ve not experienced in nearly a decade of growing. They almost looked like foxtails sometimes, but the abnormalities are in a league of their own, producing strange trident or pitchfork-like structures. The trichome production was above average with all females, and created a look of whited-out flower. This is definitely a hashplant. Due to the frost and strangely-stacked floral clusters, the appearance is a high point of this variety.

Aroma: Also highly variant, the aroma of Dragon Blood Hashplant is subtly complex. As a whole, I would say the best phenotypes smelled very similar to a Japanese cucumber soda. Sweet, mildly vegetal/herbal, with strong notes of an almost-effervescent cucumber. It is a sort of grassy, hoppy, grapefruit, and skunky bouquet with a background alien-swamp-meadow thing that for some reason makes me think of alligators. It reminds me of walking around swamps in Florida, or jungles of Tonga. The aroma is also a bit citrusy, and has fairly prevalent notes of menthol, mint, and eucalyptus. Some phenos are very mild in bouquet while others tend to be louder. Even the most intense phenotypes were only moderately stinky though, which is a bit disappointing.

Flavor: This variety is hashy and complex with the aroma translating well. Very skunky, the flavor tastes strongly of hops, hashish, and cucumber soda. These notes blend and mingle on the palate with mentholated herb/eucalyptus aromas, making for a complex and unique flavor. It is not overwhelming, but it is certainly interesting. The only other varieties that taste remotely like the Dragon Blood Hashplant that I have experienced are Hashplants and the infamous airborne G-13 clone. Even these two varieties do not contain the complexities and subtleties in the flavor of DBH. The flavor definitely has some funk to it that foreshadows the intense effects to come.

Effects: Dragon’s Blood Hashplant is immediately felt behind the eyes, sometimes blurring vision. It is a slow creeping effect that piques about 30 minutes after the last toke. Being a hybrid, her effect is a combination of intense mental stimulation and a sense of relaxation in the body. DBH is cognitively stunning, putting the user into a far-away, introspective mental space that could be categorized as stupefying. This is not what I would consider functional, but is suited to a night alone or alone with a friend. Thoughts can become a bit racy and frantic, and can push one’s thoughts to paranoia. The heady effects are complimented by a buzzing throughout the body, relaxing the user and turning the eyes to blood red. The strong body effect seems to mellow the user out more than a typical sativa-dominant plant would, providing for some euphoria as it pushes the user deeper into the couch.

Overall Experience: Dragon Blood Hashplant gave me many memorable experiences both in growing and consuming. Certain phenotypes really do have blood red fluids that come out as soon as plants are cut. I have never seen such a dark red liquid come out of a cannabis plant before! The bouqet of both plant and flower is incredibly unique, and is the only variety I’ve experienced with the aromatic quality of “Japanese cucumber soda.” Friends are always impressed with the aroma from a jar as well as the potency of smoke. Her effect is somewhat oxymoronic; it is stimulating and exciting with the potential to be a bit frightening and out of control, but is also deeply relaxing and warrants a strong sense of well-being. Dragon Blood Hashplant is a pleasure to grow, and is a great representation of Bodhi Seeds in a lot of ways. Many seeds from Bodhi have truly unique scent/flavor profiles with a potent effect to match, and DBH is no exception. DBH’s best trait is its unsual individuality–cannabis enthusiasts who appreciate the diverse gene pool of cannabis expressions have every reason to love about Dragon Blood Hashplant.

Bodhi Seeds Dragon Blood Hashplant Origins and Backstory: From Bodhi Seeds, this unique cultivar is a F1 hybrid of an heirloom Hawaiian sativa and Bodhi’s selected male, 1988 G13 x Hashplant.