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Dr. Krippling

Dr. Krippling is a team of breeders and growers who keep techniques and knowledge of generations of farmers. It combines the latest technologies and the great experience to breed the potent cannabis strains.

Dr. Krippling provides a stable genetics for all grow techniques and mediums. All seeds are tested. Dr. Krippling likes to experiment and bring to life the extraordinary marijuana genetics with inimitable yields, smells, tastes, and effects.

The growing stations are located in a few countries throughout Europe.

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The Incredible Bulk

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The Incredible Bulk

The Incredible Bulk

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The Incredible Bulk

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The Incredible Bulk

The Incredible Bulk

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Update will follow, but i am in love from second look ;))

The Incredible Bulk by Dr. Krippling

Grow expectation – 40 g/plant

Monster Bulk – 129
Twin Tower Bulk – 121

So its part of Control Garden. My second attempt with this strain. Last time i veged them for almost 6 weeks, lst, defoliation and Fox Farm nutes and soil. Biggest result was 104 if i remember well.
This time its totally different run with full range of BioBizz. Veged for 3 weeks, no direct light, TwinTower was under most intense fan and had really obvious damage. The only love they got was constant tucking of leaves to expose new grow and BioBizz. Its amazing strain, she grows massive. Its hard to add anything, they broke my untrained indoor plant records 4sure.
TwinTower was harvested not fully flushed, but mature, Monster Bulk was just a perfect plant, sometimes i spent 20 min just stalking her, couldn’t understand, how without all privileges she still made to that size. All diary is a proof, for quantity – thats the ONE!

Taste qualities will describe after couple weeks of cure
So its 4 month later ;))) she is earthy , but still bit plain for me. Hits you hard, smells nice, strong taste in mouth.

Overall rate : Grow it whenever you need to bulk up your stash, after there will be plenty of time for failures with picky strains ;)))
you’ll have loads of smoke, really heavy producer !

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