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Still haven’t received the seeds we…

Still haven’t received the seeds we ordered.

The delivery took over 17 days

The delivery took over 17 days, enquiries are neither responded to by e-mail, nor by chat, nor by card, for this there is 1 star deduction. Great selection of different bonus seeds, very good and thank you Delicous Seeds.

Just received seeds today

Just received seeds today. Great fast shipping and all seeds accounted for, thanks for the free seeds!

After two weeks still waiting..

All good

Sending fast. Let me see results later.

Fast delivery

I never received my order and have…

I never received my order and have emailed twice for assistance with no response.

Things are looking greener

We are very pleased and impressed by the service Jorge and his team have provided us.
Despite all the obstacles, he still managed to send our seeds impressively fast.
Now if only we could convince him to send some Jamon as quickly.
Thank you for a pleasant first experience.

Very happy that seeds arrived today

Very happy that seeds arrived today. They look large and nicely organized and packed.

Ordered seeds and they didn’t come, no response from delicious.

Ordered seeds and they were supposed to arrive in mid December, it’s going for mid Jan now. Rather order from your local seed banks, delicious seeds still have not responded to my emails. Wish I never found their website honestly

Dependable bank

I never received confirmation on my…

Surprisingly i received my order. I emailed 3 separate times with no response. I asumed that i got dooped it took 6 weeks to get my order. I hope the genetics are solid.

Good job

I think the website layout on world of seeds website needs a little help still—- but as far as customer service and all– you guys are doing a GREAT JOB.

I was excited to order from Delicious…

I was excited to order from Delicious Seeds as I have tried their strains before. I placed an order and there was a problem with the payment and there is no way to update it. I have reached out through their website and talked with someone from Delicious Seeds on Facebook but can get no assistance. I am trying to get my order in to take advantage of their awesome holiday deals but am having a lot of trouble.

Superior in Every ,” Way Shape and…

Superior in Every ,” Way Shape and Form”.
;; If you don’t try them. ???
You Will Be sorry! ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆++

I have not receive my order and tried…

Just received a mail interception notice. Didn’t receive seeds.

Very good

Waiting for new package.

The service answered now. Seems to be a mistake. I will review again when I received the new package.
“It was my first order from Delicious Seeds and I wanted to try the seedbanks service and quality.
I received the seeds in a zip plastic bag. I want my seeds sealed in original packing! There is no protection against light, humidity or crashing. Simply a zip bag fixed with sellotape on a thin cardboard. I do not even know if I got the correct seeds.
They promised 5 free seeds for paying by bank transfer. I received 1.
Further on nobody answered to my requests.

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