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Definitive list of the best indica strains in 2021. Ranked by the best indica strains of all time, best indoor, outdoor, most potent, pure and landrace indica strains. All for sale as cannabis seeds with shipping to the USA and worldwide.

Best Indica Strains of All Time


Afghani indica strains are broad leaf hash production plants from the mountains of Afghanistan. Brought over to the West during the hippie trail era, Afghani was cultivated, inbred and crossbred with other marijuana varieties, including sativas. The first well-known indica/sativa being Skunk, an (Afghani x Colombian Gold)/Acapulco Gold hybrid from the Bay Area, named for its strong stinky fragrance. Afghani genetics have since been used in countless breeding programs. Many hybrids today can trace their lineage back to Afghani #1 (a Skunkman Afghani IBL) or the Maple Leaf Wilson collection (unselected Afghani landraces).

🌿 Afghani #1 by Sensi Seeds is an updated version of the classic Sacred Seeds release. It’s a hardy, stout plant that grows vigorously in vegetative growth. The strong single stem develops into a large dominant central cola.

⚖️ Yield can be optimized indoors by crowding the plants together. Afghani #1 will double in height during its fast bloom cycle, lasting up to 55 days. Outdoors, harvest is by the end of September.

🍧 Incredibly dense buds with extreme resin content. Hashy smell and earthy, sweet flavors. The narcotic Afghani high is powerfully sedative.

👍 Through 4 decades of inbreeding for quality, yield and early flowering, Sensi Seeds has produced a stable indica that performs well.

Flowering Time 45-55 days
Seed Breeder Sensi Seeds
Pack Size 3/5/10 seeds
Yield Indoors: 500 g/m2
Outdoors: 600+ g/plant

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Northern Lights

Northern Lights is a legendary indica strain that changed the face of modern cannabis genetics. Originating from the Pacific Northwest, this inbred Afghani indica line was given to Nevil Shoenmakers in 1985 as 11 numbered clones. NL#5 was considered the best. The NL variants were used to breed a range of productive strains sold by The Seed Bank and later released under Sensi Seeds.

🌿 Sensi Seeds’ Northern Lights is the result of inbreeding for years between three original NL variants. The predominantly indica plants grow vigorously into short, hardy, dark green bushes with a quick life cycle. Suitable for indoor and outdoor cultivation.

⚖️ High yields indoors. The responsive plants adapt well to SOG, SCROG, lollipopping or supercropping techniques that can increase production. Large, dense, resinous colas finished early. Outdoors, the stocky plants can produce over 2 pounds each, ready to harvest in September.

🍧 Pungent stinky buds with a thick coating of resin. Musky sweet n’ sour taste. The heavy narcotic effect hits hard in the body.

👍 Northern Lights has dominated cannabis competitions for decades and continues to be one of the best indica strains in the world.

Flowering Time 6-7 weeks
Seed Breeder Sensi Seeds
Pack Size 3/5/10 seeds
Yield Indoors: 450-500 g/m2
Outdoors: 600+ g/plant

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G13 is probably the most heralded strain of all time in the cannabis community, achieving top mythical and legendary status. The G13 strain reputedly originated from a government research program in Mississippi during the 70’s. A clone of G13 made its way to Nevil who later released a series of hybrids bred with G13. While the original mother was lost, a few of the hybrid varieties still exist today.

🌿 G13 x Skunk by Mr Nice was made with a G13 clone and Skunk to preserve its gene pool. The line was further backcrossed by selecting the G13 dominant expressions. The plant grows quite easily, compact without much stretching. It has a distinct glossy green color with serrated edge leaves.

⚖️ Yields are very good. Dense, resinous flower clusters. Recommended for indoor or greenhouse cultivation, G13 x Skunk performs well in a SOG. Outdoors, it is advised to watch out for mold as harvest approaches in September.

🍧 Unique orange aroma and flavor. Solid buds. Heavy body stone with a clear head high.

👍 G13 x Skunk is considered the most G13 dominant of all the hybrids.

Flowering Time 7-9 weeks
Seed Breeder Mr Nice
Pack Size 18 seeds
Yield Indoors: 500-650 g/m2
Outdoors: 500 g/plant

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Blueberry is a famous mostly indica hybrid bred by DJ Short in the 1970’s. It was created from an Oregon Purple Thai x Afghani hybrid named Flo, bred together with a Highland Thai “Juicy Fruit”. The resulting Afghani dominant expressions were refined to create the Original Blueberry, a name that stoners around the world recognize as the gold standard of fruity pot. Tested up to 24% THC.

🌿 Seedsman’s Blueberry is the best selling version this year. The strain grows into a fairly large plant with a bushy stature that responds well to main-lining, cropping and training techniques. Known as a “stretch indica”, it can get huge outdoors.

⚖️ A productive yielder in optimum conditions, Blueberry’s dense colas develop heavy, super sticky buds featuring large calyxes. The plants display a range of lavender, blue and purple colors.

🍧 The taste and perfume of fresh blueberries and skunk. Super frosty chunky buds. The Thai genetics help in stimulating the mind, while the Afghani slams the body.

👍 A top quality fruity indica strain.

Flowering Time 8-9 weeks
Seed Breeder Dutch Passion, Seedsman
Pack Size 1/3/5/10/100 seeds
Yield Indoors: 400-600 g/m2
Outdoors: High

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Hindu Kush

Hindu Kush indica strains are from the Hindu Kush mountain range in central Asia. Brought over to the West during the 60’s, Hindu Kush strains were prized for their short life cycle, high resin production and quality dense buds. Today, Kush strains represent a cornerstone of modern breeding. Sensi Seeds’ Hindu Kush line has been maintained for decades, selectively inbred to produce a cannabis plant that performs consistently well indoors.

🌿 A reliable seed strain with uniform growth. Hindu Kush plants grow short and strong, sporting broad dark green leaves. Their compact growth pattern is focused on a central dominant cola. Responds well to SOG and lollipopping.

⚖️ Average yields of sweet, pungent buds covered in frost. Very fast flowering. Preferred indoors, but quick enough to pull outdoors before the weather changes.

🍧 Hashy indica flavors, sweet and bold. Dense, sticky buds. Hindu Kush weed gives a pleasant, calm, uplifting high.

👍 A long time favorite of veteran stoners and breeders.

Flowering Time 6-7 weeks
Seed Breeder Sensi Seeds
Pack Size 3/5/10 seeds
Yield Indoors: 350 g/m2
Outdoors: 300+ g/plant

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Best Indica Strains to Grow Indoors

Girl Scout Cookies Extreme

Girl Scout Cookies Extreme by ILGM is an indica dominant line of the popular Girl Scout Cookies strain. It was created by crossing OG Kush and Durban Poison genetics. With extremely high yields, resin production and THC content over 20%, Girl Scout Cookies Extreme lives up to it’s name.

🌿 The plants grow robust with big leaves and moderate stretch. This hearty grower takes well to cloning. Recommended for indoors, greenhouse or dry outdoor climates.

⚖️ High yields of dense, stinky, golf ball shape nugs. Girl Scout Cookies Extreme is finished indoors within 10 weeks. Outdoors, it is ready to cut by mid-October. Resistant to mold and pests.

🍧 Sweet, pungent, earthy, pine and diesel aroma. GSC is known her stellar bud quality and dessert-like flavor. A heavy coating of trichomes gives the buds a real shine. Hits hard in the mind and body.

👍 Excellent quality end product.

Flowering Time 10 Weeks
Seed Breeder ILGM
Pack Size 5/10/20 seeds
Yield Indoors: 600 g/m2
Outdoors: 1-3 kg/plant

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Critical Purple Kush

Critical Purple Kush is a purple bud variety from Seedsman, comprised of Blueberry, Critical and Peyote Purple genetics. A productive strain for the cannabis connoisseur, Critical Purple Kush makes dank purple buds with a high THC content up to 20%.

🌿 This indica dominant strain grows similar to its Critical Mass parent, bushy with plenty of vigor but a bit more gangly. Suitable for all grow media and environments. Resistant to heat.

⚖️ Frosty, dense, colorful colas that produce a good yield. Responds well to topping/training. It can take up to 9 weeks of flowering to finish indoors. Outdoors, Critical Kush is ready by early-October at the latest.

🍧 Grape candy taste and smell. Heavy buds with great crystal production. A mix of euphoric and calming, relaxing effects.

👍 Critical Purple Kush is potent, purple and dank.

Flowering Time 60-65 days
Seed Breeder Seedsman
Pack Size 1/3/5/10/100 seeds
Yield Indoors: 400-500 g/m2
Outdoors: 600-800 g/plant

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Bubba Kush

Bubba Kush is a popular US indica strain born in the ’90s, said to have been created by crossbreeding a Northern Lights pheno with OG Kush. The resulting plants were named Bubba and later, Bubba Kush. The pre-98 Bubba Kush genetics are the most sought after by connoisseurs.

🌿 Seedsman’s Bubba Kush seeds are made with parent stock from the mid-90’s. It grows squat into a tight bush with large leaves and plenty of side branching. The plants do not like to be overwatered.

⚖️ Large, packed colas bring in good yields both indoors and outdoors. The buds are sensitive to moisture near maturation, limiting outdoor cultivation to dry climates. Ready outdoors by mid-October.

🍧 Sweet hashy aromas and flavors. Bubba Kush buds gleam with resin. A heavy sedative effect not recommended for daytime usage.

👍 One of the most consistently best weed strains in America.

Flowering Time 60-65 days
Seed Breeder Seedsman
Pack Size 1/3/5/10 seeds
Yield Indoors: 500 g/m2
Outdoors: 600-800 g/plant

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Critical Kush

Critical Kush is a productive high yield strain made by crossing Mr. Nice Critical Mass with OG Kush. A prime cash crop plant for the indoor grower, Critical Kush brings in extra heavy yields of potent indica bud with up to 25% THC.

🌿 The plants grow vigorously into a squat, bushy, typically indica formation. Critical Kush grows best indoors or in a greenhouse. Outdoors is possible in a dry environment.

⚖️ Very high yields of extremely sticky weed. Critical Kush develops long, bulky colas that are finished indoors within 60 days of flowering. Outdoor harvest is in September.

🍧 Perfumey, kushy aroma and flavors. Large, resinous buds that give a strong in the body, heavy indica stone.

👍 Critical Kush is a high yielding, strong indica strain best for growing indoors.

Flowering Time 55-60 days
Seed Breeder Barney’s Farm
Pack Size 1/3/5/10 seeds
Yield Indoors: 650 g/m2
Outdoors: 800+ g/plant

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Aurora Indica

Aurora Indica is a F1 hybrid of Northern Lights and Afghan. Considered to be Nirvana’s most potent variety, Aurora Indica’s dense buds are loaded with resin and provide a powerful couch lock high.

🌿 The plants keep a low profile during growth and can be planted closely together. Ideal for SOG or SCROG. Aurora Indica does not stretch much during flowering. The short internodal spacing makes this a good choice for growers with height restrictions. Mutations are common.

⚖️ Moderate-high yields of rock hard, golf ball size buds with exceptional amounts of resin. Flowering can last up to 11 weeks for some phenos indoors. Outdoors, Aurora Indica plants can grow up to 8 feet tall.

🍧 Fruity, hash and earthy flavors with an appealing tangy aroma. Heavy hitting body stone with the munchies.

👍 An easy indica strain to grow, great for beginners.

Flowering Time 9-11 weeks
Seed Breeder Nirvana Seeds
Pack Size 5/10 seeds
Yield Indoors: 400-500 g/m2
Outdoors: 500+ g/plant

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Best Indica Strains to Grow Outdoors

Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake, aka Pink Cookies, comes from the Triangle Mints line, made by breeding Triangle Kush to Animal Mints. The result is an mostly indica easy strain to grow that produces outstanding weed. Up to 24% THC.

🌿 The plants exhibit explosive growth during their early life with slightly wide internoding. They typically double in size over flowering. A resilient grower, Wedding Cake does great in most climates and can reach to over 3 meters tall outdoors.

⚖️ High yields of beautifully photogenic rock hard nuggets. Purple and pink colors develop throughout the buds. Outdoors, Wedding Cake finishes around mid-September. Indoors, it’s ready to harvest in 9 to 10 weeks.

🍧 A mixture of intense flavors and aromas combining vanilla, cake and diesel fuel. Supreb resin content. Strong, long lasting effect with initial euphoria that moves into a relaxing body stone.

👍 Wedding Cake is one of the best selling cannabis strains on the market.

Flowering Time 8-10 weeks
Seed Breeder MSNL
Pack Size 5-500 seeds
Yield Indoors: 500+ g/m2
Outdoors: 1-3 kg/plant

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Grand Daddy Purple

Grand Daddy Purple, Grand Daddy Purp, or GDP is a famous West Coast indica strain by Ken Estes that took the nation by storm with its unusually dense, unreal purple colored buds. Not the same as Grape Ape or Mendo Purps, the real GDP is a cross of Purple Urkle and Big Bud.

🌿 The plants grow slower than most other strains during their early growth, in a short, bushy formation. Very tight internoding which results in buds all the way down to the ground. Does well indoors and outdoors.

⚖️ Yields are moderate, but quality is superb. Dark deep purple color bleeds into the leaves and flowers during late bloom, it comes out faster in colder temps. A surprisingly mold resistant, hardy plant.

🍧 Strong pungent aroma and sweet taste that sticks to your mouth. Pretty, heavy buds covered in shiny trics with almost no hairs on them. Narcotic, pain reliving high.

👍 GDP grows well almost anywhere and makes some very marketable purple weed.

Flowering Time 7-8 weeks
Seed Breeder Grand Daddy Purple
Pack Size 5/10 seeds
Yield Indoors: 300-450 g/m2
Outdoors: Moderate

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Early Skunk

Early Skunk is an Early Pearl x Skunk #1 hybrid born the 80’s, described in The Seed Bank catalog as “producing much larger buds and seeds than either Early Pearl or Skunk #1.” and “suitable for outdoor growing throughout the USA”. Early Skunk is still considered Sensi’s best all-around marijuana strain for growing outdoors.

🌿 Full of hybrid vigor, Early Skunk is easy to grow and presents three main phenotypes. Two appear indica dominant while the other is slightly sativa. The plants get tall quick forming into hearty bushes with big leaves and long branches.

⚖️ Productive yields of large, chunky, sparkling indica tops. Recommended for outdoor cultivation, it has been selected for mold resistance. Ready to harvest by early-October. Indoors, it takes 8 weeks.

🍧 Sticky, resin-soaked buds with a subtle skunky aroma. Rich pungent flavor. Narcotic, relaxing effects.

👍 Mr Nice also sells well regarded Early Skunk seeds.

Flowering Time 8 weeks
Seed Breeder Sensi Seeds
Pack Size 10 seeds
Yield Indoors: High
Outdoors: XXL

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Blue Cheese

Blue Cheese is a chunky indica dominant hybrid bred between two very well known strains, UK Cheese (a Skunk phenotype) and Blueberry. It has a very nice frost production and resilient fuzzy buds. A great indica hybrid to grow outdoors.

🌿 Easy to grow and easy to clone. The plants make thick strong stems and get branchy in a tight formation. Blue Cheese will triple in height during bloom.

⚖️ High yields in and out. The thick, bulky colas are covered in resin and turn a range of blue and purple colors where the temperature falls at night. Indoors, performs well under SOG and SCROG. Outdoors the plants can reach over 3 meters tall, ready by early-October.

🍧 Cheesy, fruity aromas and flavors. Very frosty flowers. Blue Cheese gives a quick-hitting indica body high with powerful, narcotic effects.

👍 Great stench and bag appeal.

Flowering Time 50-55 days
Seed Breeder ILGM
Pack Size 1/3/5/10 seeds
Yield Indoors: 550 g/m2
Outdoors: 600-800 g/plant

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Devil is a pungent Afghan x Afghan/Skunk hybrid bred by Mr Nice seedbank. This productive mostly indica marijuana strain is a winner to many outdoor growers since the late 80’s.

🌿 Initial growth is slow until the plants have established a root ball. Once that happens, they kick it into gear and quickly form into thick Afghani indica bushes. One of MNS’s top outdoor strains that also does well indoors. Adequate nutrients for marijuana are recommended.

⚖️ High yields. Big skunky colas immersed with resin that develop a brilliant red aura near maturation. Outdoors the plants are ready to chop by the end of September to early-October.

🍧 Lemon household cleaner aroma and sweet fruity taste. Super frosty. When the buds are cured they look almost full red. Not too couch lock, a good daytime smoke.

👍 Devil grows into a beast outdoors.

Flowering Time 8 weeks
Seed Breeder Mr Nice
Pack Size 18 seeds
Yield Indoors: 450-550 g/m2
Outdoors: 450-600 g/plant

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Most Potent Indica Strains

Kosher Kush

Kosher Kush, first known as Jew Gold, is a heavy-hitting indica strain originating from Los Angeles. Later released by DNA genetics under the name of Kosher Kush, this strain went on to win 3 back-to-back HTCC Best Indica awards from 2010-2012. Having tested up to 29% THC, it is one of the most potent indica strains in the world.

🌿 Recommended for indoor cultivation. The plants can get tall and stretchy, so topping and cropping techniques are used to maximize space efficiency.

⚖️ Good yields of dank sticky indica with a high bud-to-leaf ratio. Kosher Kush has a moderately long flowering time with some phenotypes taking as long as 10 weeks.

🍧 Very pungent aroma. The frosted buds have a woody, sour taste and give a strong, relaxing indica high.

Flowering Time 9-10 weeks
Seed Breeder DNA Genetics
Pack Size 6/13 seeds
Yield Indoors: 450-500 g/m2
Outdoors: Moderate

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Do-Si-Dos is a hard-hitting indica dominant hybrid bred from the Girl Scout Cookies line and Faceoff OG genetics. With its amazingly high THC content nearing 30%, Do-Si-Dos is among the most potent cannabis strains on Earth.

🌿 These stout plants grow stocky with broad leaves and tight node spacing. It appreciates plenty of light and nutrients. Responsive to topping and LST. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor growing where it can get over 8 feet tall.

⚖️ Good yields of compact, super sticky buds. In colder temps, brilliant fall colors are seen throughout the plant and buds. Its heavy resin production makes Do-Si-Dos a good choice for use in concentrates like rosin making.

🍧 Smells and tastes overly sweet like fermented fruit with a hint of earthy Kush. The smoke has kick and brings on a powerful, long-lasting, clear, relaxing effect.

👍 Super dank indica, highly in demand.

Flowering Time 8-10 weeks
Seed Breeder MSNL
Pack Size 10-500 seeds
Yield Indoors:400-500 g/m2
Outdoors: 1-2 kg/plant

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Purple Kush

Purple Kush is a pure indica strain hybrid from Oakland created by crossbreeding Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani genetics. Highly regarded as one of the most potent indica strains in the world, Purple Kush’s knockout buds have tested up to 27% THC content.

🌿 Easy to grow for the beginner as well as the experienced cannabis cultivator. The sturdy plants grow into a bushy formation with tight internodes and large fan leaves. Resistant to pests and mildew.

⚖️ A high yielding, fast flowering strain. Purple Kush thrives in cool climates and can grow large outdoors. Indoors, SCROG is often used to increase production. Purple colors can appear at lower temperatures.

🍧 Heavy indica buds with a dark appearance. Earthy, grape smell and taste. Powerful deep relaxing high.

Flowering Time 8-9 weeks
Seed Breeder ILGM
Pack Size 5/10/20
Yield Indoors: 450 g/m2
Outdoors: 600 g/plant

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Banana Kush

Banana Kush is a popular indica-dominant hybrid from the West Coast, loved by many cannabis connoisseurs. Its buds have a sweet banana stench—hence the name. Up to 27% THC.

🌿 A worthwhile grow for indoors and outdoors in dry climates, Banana Kush grows vigorously in vegetative growth and can get tall. The plants respond well to topping and training, which can help to control its height.

⚖️ Large, resinous colas that produce high yields. Indoors takes about 8 to 9 weeks of flowering. Outdoors the plants can yield 1 or 2 kilos each, ready to harvest by early October.

🍧 Thick, pungent, dank buds dusted in trics with stunning colors in certain phenotypes. Banana, kushy, sweet aroma and flavor. Hits hard with a heavy indica sedative effect.

👍 Amazing quality, gluey and dense. A top seller at marijuana seed banks.

Flowering Time 58-63 days
Seed Breeder ILGM
Pack Size 5/10/20 seeds
Yield Indoors: 400-500 g/m2
Outdoors: 1-2 kg/plant

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Skywalker OG

Skywalker OG is a potent, mostly indica strain created by crossbreeding an OG Kush with Skywalker genetics. This West Coast original brings in top shelf quality compact buds with a high THC content, tested up to 26%.

🌿 The moderate size plants are easy to cultivate indoors and outside. Very adaptable to to a variety of grow methods. Skywalker OG shows improved harvest weight over OG Kush.

⚖️ Oversize buds with high resin production. Yield can be optimized with pruning techniques. Watch out for Botrytis towards the end of flowering.

🍧 Strong gassy aroma. Complex woody and Kush flavors. The dense buds are sticky and oozing with resin. Powerful, long lasting cerebral and couch lock effecst.

👍 One of the most popular indica strains of 2021.

Flowering Time 9 weeks
Seed Breeder ILGM
Pack Size 5/10/20 seeds
Yield Indoors: 600 g/m2
Outdoors: 2-3 kg/plant

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Best Pure and Landrace Indica Strains


Lebanese by The Real Seed Company is a landrace indica strain personally collected from an old-time hashish aficionado at Bekaa Valley. Lebanon has a history of producing potent hashish, most famously known for its “throat chokin” Red Lebanese hash.

🌿 Two phenotypes appear in this strain. One grows more columnar with a central stem and minimal side branching while the other is heavily branched and wider.

⚖️ The fastest maturing strain in RSC’s collection. Deep red and purple colorations can appear during late flowering. Harvest is August to September outdoors.

🍧 Cedar and pine aromas with fruit such as mango or candy. Compact, resinous buds. A potent smoke.

👍 Rare Lebanese genetics, good for breeding.

Flowering Time Aug-Sep
Seed Breeder The Real Seed Co.
Pack Size 5/12 seeds
Yield Indoors: –
Outdoors: Moderate

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Mazar-I-Sharif, or Mazari, is a landrace Afghani indica strain sourced from the desert towns of Balkh, Mazar-i-Sharif and Sheberghan in North Afghanistan. It delivers high quantities of fat central colas crusted in Afghani hashish.

🌿 The plants stay relatively short, growing into a Christmas tree formation with healthy side-branching. Performs well in a SOG setup indoors. Outside in the ground, Mazari plants can grow in excess of 4 meters tall.

⚖️ A good outdoor strain for cold climates. It develops dense, highly-resinous Afghani buds with fair yields when grown indoors. Outdoors, they may go for as long as early-November with yields up to 2 kilogram per plant.

🍧 Smooth, hashy taste and smell. Frosty resinous nuggets. Mazari gives a heavy narcotic, debilitating high.

👍 Traditionally hand pressed to produce charas or sieved to make the legendary “Shirak-i-Mazar” or “Milk of Mazar”.

Flowering Time 8-9 weeks
Seed Breeder The Real Seed Co., Seedsman
Pack Size 1/3/5/10/100 seeds
Yield Indoors: 300 g/m2
Outdoors: 1-2 kg/plant

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Afghan Kush

Afghan Kush by World of Seeds is landrace cannabis variety originating from the Armu Darya river valley close to the border with Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. It’s a smelly pure indica strain with great resilience to the outdoors and potent, up to 21% THC.

🌿 Easy to grow both outdoors and indoors. The vigorous, stocky plants have been optimized for commercial growing through selective inbreeding. Afghan Kush has good resistance to pests and drought.

⚖️ High yields of sticky, tasty nugs. Indoors flowering can be as short as 45 days. Outdoors, Afghan Kush is ready from September til October.

🍧 Rock hard gooey buds covered in resin and red hairs. Deep hashy smells and flavor. Heavy couch lock stone, red eyes and the munchies.

👍 A stable breeding line that grows uniform plants.

Flowering Time 6-8 weeks
Seed Breeder World of Seeds
Pack Size 3/7/10/12 seeds
Yield Indoors: 450 g/m2
Outdoors: 500-600 g/plant

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Hash Plant

Afghan Hash Plant by Barney’s Farm was created with 1970’s seed stock supplied from veteran hash makers in the Mazar-I-Sharif region of Afghanistan. Through a few years of selective inbreeding, the strongest and tastiest expressions became prominent.

🌿 Grows into a small to medium sized plant with healthy branching. Afghan Hash Plant is adapted to outdoor growing.

⚖️ High yields. Hash Plants produce very large, exceedingly dense colas literally dripping with resin. Finished quick, ready to harvest outdoors by mid-September.

🍧 Sweet sandalwood and incense aromas with hints of citrus. Well suited for use in extracts, such as bubble hash. Hash Plants are renowned for their resin and potency that hits hard in the body.

👍 This strain has become a cornerstone of Barney’s latest breeding projects.

Flowering Time 8-10 weeks
Seed Breeder Barney’s Farm
Pack Size 10 seeds
Yield Indoors: –
Outdoors: 700 g/plant

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Pakistan Valley

Pakistan Valley is a landrace indica strain from the Hindu Kush mountains of Northern Pakistan. WOS has made this cannabis strain commercially available after a few years of inbreeding the line.

🌿 The plant grows compact with many side branches. Recommended for a short veg cycle indoors to control height. Outdoors, Pakistan Valley can grow into a tree as large as the best sativas.

⚖️ Yields are good. The big dense colas have a fair resistance to moisture. Fast to flower, indoors in 45 days at the earliest. Outdoors, Pakistan Valley is ready to harvest by early-October.

🍧 Very stinky, skunk and sandalwood aroma. Dense, resinous indica buds with hashy flavors. Powerful narcotic effect.

👍 Measured at 21.2% THC content.

Flowering Time 45-55 days
Seed Breeder World of Seeds
Pack Size 3/7/10/12 seeds
Yield Indoors: 400 g/m2
Outdoors: 500-600 g/plant

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Disclaimer: Research your local, state/county and federal laws before buying seeds online. We do not promote or undertake in illegal activities.

Definitive list of the best indica strains in 2021. Ranked by the best indica strains of all time, best indoor, outdoor, most potent, pure and landrace