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What Exactly Does “Clone Only” Mean?


I’m currently researching OG Kush as a possible grow and came across several statements that it (along with other hard to come by strains) is only available via clone.

It’s my understanding that if I stress a plant enough it will show both sexes and pollinate itself (giving new meaning to the term “go fuck yourself’) or may go completely male at which time I would combine it with a female clone that was not streassed. And please correct me if I’m wrong, but all seeds that are then produced under this type of scenario would be feminised?

How can a plant be available as “clone only because seeds are not available?”

Seeds are not available for the masses or seeds are not available period?

Taken from DNA Genetics website regarding OG Kush.

“The legends of legends is finally in seed form with our OG Kush Feminised Cannabis Seeds. The OG Kush was formally a clone only strain. She stretches in veg but seems to fill herself out in flower. She has smaller nugs that you can get a good yield from if you supercrop her while she’s growing.”

Did DNA take the female clone and match it with a pure male that we do not know about or maybe they stressed a female clone to turn it male. [?]

Another site said they combined an OG Kush clone with a male Larry Kush to produce a plant that produces seeds. If that was the case then would it still be considered original OG Kush? But then again there isn’t and original OG Kush plant because it was strictly a clone from the start, is that correct?

I realize at the end of the day it probably won’t matter too much if a female clone was banged by a male Afgan; but I’m kind of a perfectionist and like things as close to exact as I can get them.

I'm currently researching OG Kush as a possible grow and came across several statements that it (along with other hard to come by strains) is only available…

Clone Only Strains – Is it Really “Only”?


usually clone only means clone only and hermies can make hermies – and you might not know til its too late and all your crop is seeded as bananas are way harder to spot then balls and it only takes 1.

why not just clone all your plants before you flower them and label them really well.

designate each plant you clone from with a letter and then each clone from that plant with a number a1, a2 – b1, b2 and so on

keep notes on all your plants and then after your done and have smoked them you can pick the clones from the specific plants you like the best based on vigor, weight, smell flavor and high.

you dont need to have moms just a small tent for clones and to veg them til you flowering area has room.


Hmmmmm. That is doable. Thanks Rollin J. Too bad about Clone Only.

I’m not a bud snob but a lot of the shit I’ve smoked just doesn’t seem to be the right one for me or only has one or two of the characteristics I want. Still on the search for the Holy Grail! Although it IS fun as hell searching for it!

Rollin, can I use a tent that isn’t decked out with expensive gear? Can I keep a low light on the clones so that they don’t get out of control? Kinda worried that Vege/Vault will get very crowded, very soon.

Maybe if I keep them in very small pots it will stunt their growth and then I could just take a clone of that clone and grow it out that way. Or would that just create a crap plant because of the stunted and poorly treated mother?

Sorry for all the noob questions and thanks for all the help!


Thanks Rollin! Great stuff! Good to know that I can keep the clone-only strains that I do not want to grow at the time, without having to sacrifice a lot of space.

Should get together with my friends and start a group clone tent so that any of us can just clip a clone if we want to grow it out.

Fuck I’m addicted!

To Growing that is!

I haven’t even harvested my first grow yet!

Thanks and Peace


A clone only is a particular pheno that someone liked enough to keep around.

If I cross Strain A x Strain B, then pop 20 beans, find one killer pheno and take clones from it, throw away all the beans and other plants. clone only.


So you think that I would NOT be able to force a Clone-Only to be herme? The only reason that I ask is that I wanted to get beans from my plant without diluting the original Geno.

Force Herme.
Plants beans from herme.
Get at least one male out the hermies.
Back Cross it to original Clone-Only Female.
Save the beans for years.

Or would I have to plant 100 seeds to find the “1” that will turn out male? Just don’t have space/resources for that large of a grow.

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Thanks markscastle. Unfortunately, for me, that’s just good knowledge to keep for years later. I just don’t have the resources to do that kinda thing. Especially since I’m still on that elusive search for My Favorite strains. Good stuff though!

16.5 hour work day yesterday.
Roommate tossed me a gram of Jack Herer.
Smoked 1/4 of it.
10 minutes go by.

What a great high!

Wish that plant was in my tent!


This shit is making me cringe. Please resist the urge to create hermaphrodite plants and breed with them. Don’t piss in the gene pool basically.

A suggestion stick with 3 or 4 varieities at most, with each different plant in the canopy your yield takes a huge dive.

Short answer, SELECTION from quality seed is the key to great clone-only plants. Not forced inbreeding.

I agree with you on the jack herer it is pretty amazing. Grows like a vine usually so really watch out for that one it will get out of control.

Matters being thus perpetually joined together, may have permanence, durance, constancy, and stability. Glory be to God.


Ya, I hear ya fractal, I don’t want to mess with the strain if it changes it’s geno. I just wanted to know for sure that if there was any way to preserve a strain for years that I didn’t have to keep the physical plant alive. I’m limited with space so I have to know what I want to keep/save and what needs to be growing on a regular basis.

As far as number of strains in a single flowering environment. lol! Down goes yield for me! Of the 12 plants I have, 10 different strains are in the grow tent!

You say that yield will suffer, I can live with that. But I can’t live with quality suffering. Will it?

Also, in terms of avg yield for an educated noob with decent gear and nutes, what kinda Ball-Park am I looking at for a harvest? I’m hoping for 1gram/watt. But I can live with 1/2 gram/watt as long as quality does not degrade.

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