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Sowing Success Since 2006

Clearwater Seed Mission Statement
Clearwater Seed Mission Statement
Clearwater Seed Mission Statement

Connecting native seed growers, markets and customers through transparency and integrity since 2006.

Products We Provide
Clearwater Seed Mission Statement
Clearwater Seed Mission Statement

Offering a full line of native seed, turf, reclamation, cover crop, pollinator, hay and pasture species. As well as custom seed mixes.

How We Get It Done
Clearwater Seed Mission Statement
How We Get It Done

Unparalleled customer service before and after the sale.

About Clearwater Seed

Who We Are

Clearwater Seed is a grower-owned company with a commitment to the production and marketing of high quality native grasses, forbs and legumes.

Conservation, land stewardship and seed production is at the heart of what we do.

We are your local Inland Northwest producer and supplier of native, reclamation, turf, hay/pasture, cover crop and pollinator seed.

As a company we have three locations :

#1 Spokane, WA Sales Office.

827 W 1st Ave Suite 307, Spokane, WA 99201

#2 Clarkston, WA Warehouse where all of our seed is shipped and distributed from.

1265 Port Way, Clarkston, WA 99403

#3 Culdesac, ID Cleaning Plant where our seed is processed from the field.

27999 S Main St, Culdesac, ID 83524

Our seed production lies predominantly in the Clearwater River drainage area of North Central Idaho. Rainfall in this region allows for diversification of many different species.

The majority of these species are grown under a dryland setting in well-drained soils.

Once harvested the seed is processed on one of our several cleaning lines located in Culdesac, ID. Multiple lines give us the ability to manage and clean seeds of all different shapes, sizes and densities.

Our goal is to produce seed in areas of its highest yield potential with the least amount of inputs. Ultimately, we want to offer our customers high quality, affordable seed.

Native, Reclamation, Pasture, Cover Crop and Pollinator Seed.