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You’ve heard of CBD oil, but have you tried it on your beard yet? Use this guide to learn what CBD is and why you should use men’s grooming products that have CBD oil in them. Beard Octane CBD exists to bring you the best beard care products, including beard balm, butter, shampoo, and more. Everything is handmade with natural ingredients. Nourish your facial fur! At Fable Beard Co. we believe in putting out more than just another beard product. Our beard oils, beard blams, and beard grooming supplies have unique qualities and stories unlike any other. Start your next quest with Fable Beard Co. Your beard will thank you and fair maidens might just take notice as well.

What is CBD, and Why Do I Need It in My Beard?

Willie Nelson. Woody Harrelson. Seth Rogan. Matthew McConaughey. Dave Chappelle. Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong. Lil Wayne. And, of course, the one and only Snoop Dogg. These are just a few of the iconic men whose stoner antics have made marijuana not just a substance that people use, but a subculture to which they belong.

But, guys: Cannabis culture is no longer an illicit hobby or a funny punchline. It’s a legitimate business. Not just because marijuana is now legal and mainstream in many states, but also because it has been found to have numerous serious wellness benefits. Specifically, CBD, which is one two major active ingredients found in the marijuana plant. The other, of course, being THC. Whether you’re a casual smoker, a serious toker or a straight arrow who’s never even touched the stuff, that means there’s now a place for you in the ganja universe.

Let’s be real, though. Although you’ve heard of CBD and probably nod along knowingly when it comes up in conversation, that doesn’t mean you understand what it actually is or what it’s really good for. Did you know, for instance, that CBD can give you healthier skin and a better-looking beard? Well, it can. And so much more.

Whether you’re a CBD novice or expert, here’s a down-and-dirty guide to help you understand what CBD is, what its benefits are and how it can fit into your grooming routine.

What is CBD?

The cannabis plant has two principal active ingredients inside it. One, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), is a psychoactive chemical that makes you high. Another, cannabidiol (CBD), is a non-psychoactive chemical that might alter the body but not the mind. Which makes it more like an essential oil than a drug.

Depending on where you live and what products you use, the CBD you consume might be derived from marijuana, which has high amounts of THC, or from its cousin, hemp, which has very low amounts of THC. Although marijuana is legal in only some states, industrial hemp has been legal at the federal level since 2018. Even so, some states — including Nebraska, South Dakota, Idaho and Hawaii — have outlawed CBD from both marijuana and hemp.

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What are the benefits of CBD?

Although research into the purported health benefits of CBD is ongoing, and more evidence is needed, users claim that it helps them with a number of ailments, including everything from pain and nausea to anxiety and insomnia. Medically, prescription-strength CBD is FDA-approved to treat epileptic seizures, and scientists are currently studying whether it might be useful in treating conditions such as Parkinson’s disease, schizophrenia, diabetes, multiple sclerosis and even cancer.

But should I be grooming with CBD?

The short answer is: Yes. That’s because CBD has anti-inflammation properties and is a good source of essential fatty acids, as well as vitamins A, D and E — all of which are really good for your hair and skin. So good for it, in fact, that there is emerging evidence suggesting it might be helpful for people with dry skin, psoriasis and eczema.

To get hemp-level handsome, start with your beard: Try Billy Jealousy CBD Beard Oil, CBD Beard Balm and CBD Leave-in Conditioner, all three of which feature 420 milligrams of hemp-derived CBD oil that nourishes and hydrates facial hair to protect it from breakage, split ends and fallout; promotes healthy beard growth; enhances your beard’s natural shape; and soothes common beard problems like beard itch and beard dandruff. All three products come bundled as a money-saving CBD Beard Bundle.

Clean-shaven? You can get in on the action, too, thanks to Billy Jealousy’s CBD Shave Bundle, which includes three CBD products: a CBD pre-shave oil, a CBD shaving cream and a CBD aftershave. Billy Jealousy CBD Shave Cream is infused with 210 milligrams of CBD oil while Billy Jealousy CBD Pre-Shave Oil and Billy Jealousy CBD After-Shave Lotion each feature 420 milligrams of it. Used before, during and after your daily shave, they moisturize your skin and protect it from irritation. Also, you can use Billy Jealousy CBD Leave-in Conditioner on your hair to get the same benefits on your head that you’d get on your beard (if you had one).

The bottom line: You can’t smoke CBD, and it won’t make you high. But if you wear it, it might just make you feel better — and look better, too.

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Note: Billy Jealousy is currently prohibited from selling CBD to the following states: Nebraska, South Dakota, Idaho and Hawaii.

CBD Beard Oil

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Fable Beard Company

Looking for optimal beard growth? Our beard oil promotes beard health, beard strength, moisturizing properties, and stuffed full of vitamins. Oh yeah, and you will smell like your next great adventure! Trust me, I’m a Wizard.

Supernatural Beard Butter!

Simply magic, our beard butter is the ultimate beard conditioning agent. Crafted from five different premium butters, our blend will aid in preventing beard hair breakage, provide optimal beard growth conditions, and making your beard softer than the Princesses underskirt!

Beard Conditioner Magic!

Wizardly made free of harsh sulfates and parabens, collagen boosting anti-oxidants, and rich in vitamin B to promote epic beard growth. Complete with five carrier oils for beard softness, strength, and conditioning only the wizard’s magic can provide! So soft you’ll think it’s beard sorcery!

Let customers speak for us

I’m a new beardsman so take this for what it’s worth. This beard oil reminds of sitting on a tropical island with my beautiful wife sipping Piña Colada’s. It may be in my head but I think this oils makes my beard grow faster too. This is some great oil. Try their CBD oils today!

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This stuff is epic!! It’s like rubbing a fresh baked cinnamon roll all over your beard without the sticky mess. Leaves my beard feeling silky smooth all day long.

Absolutely great product I will be a repeat costumer

This has instantly become my go-to, everyday beard oil. It feels amazing and has the best scent profile I’ve smelled in an oil to date. Fable crushed it with this one!

Great smell as always

This is by far my favorite oil. The smell is incredible! Better then my expensive colognes

I was kinda cautious buying this, since fruit flavors aren’t my favorite, but I swear this has the exact smell of my grandparents house during my childhood. Excellent scent!

I purchased the beard wash, balm, and butter and love all 3! The scent is wonderful. I use the beard wash for my beard and hair and it leaves everything silky smooth without any greasy residue. This is my favorite CBD scented product and I’d highly recommend it to anyone!

The Loan Shark – Iced Berry Cologne CBD Beard Oil

My new favorite scent from fable. Wish it was permanently available.

The scent is amazing. Fresh apples, not too sweet. And the oil is even better. The cbd blend leaves my beard feeling soft and smooth. This is one of my new favorites.

Second purchase. I was getting low on my first bottle. Love it! Keeps my beard nice and soft. I used to be a red but I’m mostly chrome now. Great product! Highly recommend! I rotate it in usually 4 days a week. Try it, you’ll like it. DanC is where I heard about it.
John F.

I love The Lifeguard! I waited too long to try it. I wish I had tried it when there was still a butter available. But I have the oil and the balm and I love it! If you love pineapple scents or if you’re a huge Disney nerd like myself and want to smell like Dole Whip, this is the scent for you. I would buy it again in a heartbeat. I’m hoping maybe Fable will bless me with a free Lifeguard butter instead of a free oil for this review because it’s ridiculously good.

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