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A simple Google search that says “marijuana seed banks payment using PayPal” will give you a long list of cannabis seedbanks. Check four or more of these sites and determine that it does accept PayPal payments. You will find this information from the site’s initial page or from its terms and conditions section.

Can You Buy Marijuana Seeds Online via Paypal?

Have you ever considered buying marijuana seeds from online marijuana seed banks? If you have, how were you able to pay for your order? Did you pay by using a credit card, debit card, bank deposits or cash on delivery?

Do you know that if you have a PayPal account, you can use this to order cannabis seeds online? And not only will you be able to pay for your purchases with PayPal, but you can also use this online payment system to detect potential scam sites?

To answer this quickly: yes, you can order marijuana seeds online using PayPal.

Because PayPal is a trusted online payment method, you can use this to order cannabis seeds online. But there’s a catch. Finding these seedbanks is quite hard to do. This may be because PayPal has strict regulations regarding selling goods online.

The online payment methods scrutinize members and have strict rules on payments and selling goods using their services. And of course, marijuana and marijuana products and seeds are not openly welcome all over the world. PayPal will evaluate the authenticity of these cannabis sites and allows its members to purchase only from safe and secure sites.

Why use PayPal when Ordering Marijuana Seeds Online?

PayPal offers a safe way to purchase anything online. You can guarantee that a site that accepts this payment method is safe to buy from.

PayPal lets you purchase from different online sites, from anywhere around the world because you can pay in any currency. Just set your PayPal account to the currency you want to use and as long as you have funds, you can purchase from anywhere.

Another reason to use PayPal to buy cannabis seeds is that you can use your checking account to pay. Simply add your checking account number to your PayPal account funds and then save your new settings. You just have to wait for a few days for PayPal to confirm your changes and after this, you may now use your checking account via PayPal.

A good feature of PayPal is its ability to provide payment confirmation as soon as you make your payment. Seconds after you have made your payment via PayPal, you will receive a confirmation message via email. Your payment transaction will take a few moments to complete but still, an email will be sent through email. You can tell that the payment pushed through when you check you My PayPal page. Under the “Completed” section, the payment to the seed bank may be seen. But if the payment is still unprocessed, this will appear in the “Pending” section of the page.

PayPal lets you track your payments and help you find PayPal-recommended sites. If a site has that PayPal logo, it means that it is a verified seller. If a seller is verified, it is trustworthy enough to order from.

Finally, PayPal has the Buyer Protection feature that will help you shop comfortably online. Buyer Protection covers you in case there is an issue with your order. If your order does not arrive or is not as described, PayPal will help their members get a refund.

To be able to qualify for the PayPal Buyer Protection, you must transact using PayPal, keep your account in good standing and you must open a dispute in PayPal’s Resolution Center. If you are not able to resolve your problem with the seed bank company then you can escalate your complaint and get your refund within 20 days from the date of the dispute.

Possible Reasons why some Online Seedbanks don’t Accept PayPal Payments

There are speculations that some online seedbanks are not PayPal accredited because these may not be trusted by the payment system. Although there is no proof that this is so, having the PayPal logo on the website serves as a sign that you can trust the seed bank.

Some seedbanks do not accept PayPal payments because not everyone can transact using PayPal. As of 2013, PayPal is still unable to transact business with more than 28 countries including Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Libya, Liberia, Pakistan, Iran, and Iraq. Because a number of online cannabis sites serve all countries around the world, not accepting payments from the mentioned countries would be quite unfair.

How to Look for Marijuana Seed Banks that Accept PayPal

A simple Google search that says “marijuana seed banks payment using PayPal” will give you a long list of cannabis seedbanks. Check four or more of these sites and determine that it does accept PayPal payments. You will find this information from the site’s initial page or from its terms and conditions section.

You can also look for PayPal-accredited marijuana seed banks by asking around. Check marijuana forums and ask members about these seedbanks. You can also locate PayPal marijuana sites by locating a reputable seed bank using PayPal. From the first page, even before you log in, use this page to locate online seedbanks.

Finally, before you even purchase cannabis seeds, make sure that cannabis seeds delivery is allowed in your country. Never make a mistake of ordering seeds only to find out that it is not prohibited. It may take time to ask for a refund using PayPal. So check local laws regarding cannabis seeds delivery and growing before you even shop for seeds.

If you are still doubtful whether a cannabis seed bank accepts PayPal payments, talk to a representative. If PayPal is not accepted, he will be able to help you find the right payment option for your needs. Other online payment option for cannabis seeds customers is Skrill. Similar to PayPal, Skrill lets you pay for online purchases safely and securely. It may not be as popular as PayPal but Skrill is well-known in Europe especially in the UK. Skrill payments are accepted worldwide but have stricter rules against payments, sending money and receiving payments.

So if you want a reliable and efficient payment method when purchasing cannabis seeds online, PayPal is the best choice for your needs.

Why? Most of the larger, more reputable seedbanks won’t take Paypal anymore. One reason for this is that Paypal has an acceptable use policy that every user must agree to when they create an account. The policy states that Paypal may not be used to send or receive payments for narcotics, steroids, controlled substances, or drug paraphernalia.

Buying Marijuana Seeds with PayPal in 2019

In 2019, internet commerce is king. People go online to buy everything from furniture to clothing, e-books and electronics. They also go online to buy cannabis seeds.

When shopping online, most stores give you a variety of payment methods, from credit cards to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Another popular payment method is Paypal. This leads many cannabis connoisseurs to ask: “Can I use Paypal for marijuana seeds?”

The answer is yes and no. Read on and we’ll explain in more detail.

The Pros of Using Paypal

Why do people love Paypal for online shopping? For one, it’s incredibly convenient. With a single username and password, Paypal gives you the ability to pay through an account that can be linked to your bank account or any credit card. You can also make payments, send, and receive money to and from your Paypal account itself.

The latter option is particularly wonderful for making purchases that you’d prefer not show up on your bank or credit card statements. All you have to do is transfer money from your bank account to your Paypal account. All you’ll see on your bank statement is a Paypal transfer. After that, the purchases you make with the transferred money are confined to Paypal and won’t register on your bank statement at all. Although it’s legal to purchase cannabis seeds in most places, there are various reasons why people may want to maintain their privacy in terms of these sorts of purchases showing up on their bank and credit card accounts – particularly if statements for those accounts are mailed to their homes.

Paypal is also a wonderfully secure way to shop. They act as gatekeepers for your financial information. In other words, if you use a credit card to make a purchase through Paypal, your account information stays with Paypal – they never share it with the merchant. Paypal simply sends them the payment and charges your credit card. Like a credit card company, Paypal constantly monitors your account for any suspicious activity that looks like it may be fraudulent so they can alert you if someone makes unauthorized purchases on your account.

Making purchases this way also affords you dispute resolution if there are any problems with a transaction, as well as purchase protection on anything you buy through Paypal. When it comes to Paypal and marijuana seeds in 2019, many buyers feel that this is a good insurance policy, especially if they’re purchasing from a little-known shop. (We’ll talk more about why that’s a bad idea, however, later in this article.)

Crop King Seeds, Homemade Premium Strains. Bitcoin and Credit Cards Accepted.

The Down Side of Using Paypal for Cannabis Seeds

Unfortunately, as wonderful, private and convenient as it may sound to buy cannabis seeds with Paypal, in 2019, things have become so complex that it’s not usually possible.

Why? Most of the larger, more reputable seedbanks won’t take Paypal anymore. One reason for this is that Paypal has an acceptable use policy that every user must agree to when they create an account. The policy states that Paypal may not be used to send or receive payments for narcotics, steroids, controlled substances, or drug paraphernalia.

While cannabis seeds aren’t technically considered a “controlled substance” in most places, unfortunately, Paypal gets the discretion to decide what transactions constitute a violation of their rules. This is covered in Paypal’s User Agreement. This means that while a seedbank may operate for years accepting Paypal for seeds, it only takes one transaction to be flagged to potentially derail everything. Shops risk having their payments frozen and their accounts shut down.

For seedbanks that are willing to run the risk of allowing their customers to buy cannabis seeds with Paypal, commissions are very high. In 2019, Paypal charges 2.9% + $0.30 USD per transaction. This sends some online cannabis seed retailers looking for other more affordable ways to sell their product.

Crop King Seeds. Worldwide stealth shipping. Bitcoin and Credit Cards Accepted.

Which Shops Accept Paypal for Cannabis Seeds?

Unfortunately, worry about policy enforcement and high commissions has caused many of the larger, better-known seedbanks to move away from accepting Paypal seed payments. Crop King Seeds, one of our trusted and most-recommended seedbanks, was one of the latest to stop accepting Paypal. (They do, however, accept credit cards and Bitcoin, so it’s still easy to make convenient and even anonymous payments for your cannabis seeds.)

Many other smaller shops still do accept Paypal, although they try to be discrete in the way they handle the payments so as to avoid having their accounts flagged. This is a risky game, however, both for the shop and for any buyers who take the gamble of getting their Paypal accounts suspended if a cannabis seed purchase attracts notice.

For customers using Paypal to buy cannabis seeds because of the Purchase Protection promise, buyer beware! On the Paypal website, the company lists specific items that are not covered by Paypal Purchase Protection. One of the things listed is “Items that violate our policies.”

If you buy weed seeds through Paypal and receive a batch of bad seeds from a little-known seedbank, it’s unlikely that Paypal is going to have any sympathy when you call them up or email them to tell them what you’ve purchased. You could even risk having your own account frozen or suspended due to purchasing items that violate Paypal’s policies.

Your Best Bet? Buy from Reputable Seedbanks

Problems with low-quality products and seedbanks with poor customer service sparked us to create reviews of the best and most-recommended online shops to buy cannabis seeds in 2019. We hope to guide our readers to the places with the best selection of strains, the most high-quality seeds, and the most excellent customer service should a problem arise with an order.

That last bit is incredibly important. When you shop at a reputable seedbank, you shouldn’t have to worry about security or the need to buy cannabis seeds with Paypal. Larger, well-known seedbanks will keep your credit card information secure, as well as provide stealth shipping to help you maintain your privacy. If you’re worried about a cannabis seed purchase showing up on your credit card or bank statement, many online seedbanks (such as MSNL Seed Bank) now take Bitcoin. If you’re hoping to make a 100% anonymous purchase without leaving any financial footprint, buying cannabis seeds with Bitcoin is the way to go.

The point is, even with the snags cannabis fans have hit with buying marijuana seeds through Paypal, in 2019, there are still many different ways to purchase your seeds in a secure, safe manner. Check out our reviews to learn which seedbanks we love best…and happy shopping!
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A simple Google search that says “marijuana seed banks payment using PayPal” will give you a long list of cannabis seedbanks. Check four or more of these

Seed banks that Take PayPal in 2021

You may have many qualms about ordering your marijuana seeds online, and one of these is choosing the payment method to use. Due to legality concerns, fraud, and shady merchants, checking out with a virtual cart full of marijuana seeds is a lot more complicated than it needs to be. However, there are already a lot of seed companies out there that already found ways on how to keep seed transactions secure and discreet for their customers. You can even use PayPal and your credit card to pay for your marijuana seeds purchases.

If you are looking for seed banks that take PayPal as payment for buying cannabis seeds online, then you might want to check on our list below.

List of Cannabis Seed Companies that Accept PayPal

Here are some of the seed banks that accept PayPal when you buy cannabis seeds online.

REMINDER : You cannot find PayPal as a payment option when you checkout. What you need to do is to place an order and choose any payment method except a credit card, then contact them through their live chat, email, or phone and tell them that you want to pay with PayPal. The customer service representative will then provide you with instructions on how to send your payment.

This is how it works as PayPal still don’t allow marijuana seeds transactions using their payment gateway. However, the seed banks have their way on how to get around it. It isn’t risky to your part. Just follow the instructions that the seed banks will provide you.

Crop King Seeds

Crop King Seeds is based in Canada and the USA. They ship their cannabis seeds to their customers from around the world. They carry over 500 marijuana strains with a few of which they breed themselves.

SunWest Genetics

Sun West Genetics is the first ever seed bank to use a seed tracker technology to make sure that their customers only get fresh and authentic cannabis seeds from the company. They ship cannabis seeds to their customers from around the world and they also accept PayPal for cannabis seeds purchases.

Sonoma Seeds

Sonoma Seeds is a marijuana breeder that sell their seeds on the internet. The seed bank pride themselves for having top-notch customer service and quality of cannabis seeds. They accept PayPal, credit cards and other payment methods.

MJ Seeds Canada

This seed bank has been around for a long time already. They are based in Canada and has been shipping their quality seeds to their customers from around the world. They take PayPal, credit card, Bitcoin, Cash in Mail, Email Money Transfer, and other payment methods.

Beaver Seeds

Beaver Seeds carry a few strains in their line up. What we like about this company is the fact that they accept PayPal. They are based in Canada and they do ship their seeds to anywhere in the world.

Benefits of Buying Marijuana Seeds with PayPal

PayPal is not perfect, but it is still an ideal payment channel for your marijuana seed purchases. Let’s take a look at the advantages of using PayPal when you buy marijuana seeds over the internet.


PayPal is flexible because it gives you plenty of options for funding. Nearly all seed banks online process payments directly through credit cards, which is a real pain for the few (which may include you!) who either do not own credit cards or simply refuse to place their marijuana seed purchase on their plastic.

At present, PayPal allows you to load up your account using credit, debit, and check cards and a balance that you directly loaded into your account. You can do the last option by entering your deposit account information to your PayPal account.

If your bank account is successfully verified by PayPal, you can now use your funds directly to pay for your cannabis seeds via PayPal as the third party. This process takes a few days, though, so if you are rushing for a purchase and just setting up your PayPal account, you want to skip this option.

Secure Payment Option

If you use your PayPal account to buy marijuana seeds online, then you are covered by their guarantee that your purchase will be refunded if in case the merchant does not deliver as planned or the product itself is substandard.


PayPal is a huge, respected brand that many consumers trust with their money and transactions. It is a given that PayPal protects these pieces of information and keeps all pertinent details private.

Once all your bank or card information is verified, PayPal stores the data securely in their system. You do not need to re-enter your details each time you log in. This means that you do not have to reveal your account information all the time, thereby keeping your data secure. PayPal also never gives client information that is not relevant to their purchase.

Therefore, in case the seed bank’s website or database gets hacked, your information will not be accessed by malicious hackers and bugs.

One more thing you can do with PayPal is making electronic purchases without them showing on your bank or credit card statement. There are many reasons you may want to conceal your cannabis seed order in addition to potential legal repercussions.

If you are using PayPal, you can simply transfer funds from your bank account and then pay for your marijuana seed purchase using the balance that your PayPal account just received from your bank account. This way, your bank account will show that you transferred a certain amount to PayPal but it will not say what you bought.


You may not consider this too big of a deal, considering how almost everyone and everything nowadays is already mobile. PayPal has a mobile app, but unlike applications developed for other third-party payment processors, that by PayPal works smoothly and flawlessly.

Furthermore, much of the important functions you can do on their desktop site can also be done through their app. There will always be limitations, but those in the PayPal app are barely noticeable because the missing functionalities are not the ones you are most likely to use for your cannabis seed purchases.


PayPal has been around for nearly 20 years. This company was the pioneer in its field and remains the undisputed industry leader. It was also founded by some of the brightest minds today (Does the name “Elon Musk” ring a bell?).

These guarantee that your account and its content are perfectly safe. You are not dealing with a fly-by-night organization that can possibly disappear one morning with half your savings account.

The best thing about PayPal is that it is free. You can do so much without spending a single cent. Its core functions, sending and receiving payments, are not the only ones that are free. You get security, protection, peace of mind, and security.


This benefit may not be directly related to buying marijuana seeds online and paying using PayPal. However, this is nonetheless a key factor to consider when deciding over which payment processor to use.

From time to time, PayPal partners with a wide range of establishments and brands and offers promotions and discounts. You do not have to pay for this feature. All you have to do is have a PayPal account.

Disadvantages of Using PayPal to Buy Marijuana Seeds

There are two common downsides when you buy cannabis seeds with PayPal.

Not a lot of Seed Banks use It Yet

Currently, PayPal doesn’t allow seed transactions with their payment gateway. If they find out what you bought then you and the seed bank’s account might get banned. This is the reason why you should every instructions that the seed bank will provide you when you pay for seeds with PayPal.

PayPal Charges High Fees

Many seed banks who conduct business online are not very big companies. They understandably will have a hard time making a profit if their revenues are eaten up by commissions for third-party vendors.


Currently, there are only a few seed banks that take PayPal. However, that does not change the fact that this third-party payment channel is ideal for your online order for cannabis seeds. We only hope that PayPal reduces its commission rate in the future to allow more seed banks to partner with it. And that, they will accept cannabis seeds transactions now that more and more states and countries are making marijuana legal.

Here are 5 Seed Banks that take PayPal for buying marijuana seeds online. We did the homework just to find them so you don't have to.