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Cultivation Management System (CMS)

Plant Tracking | Crop Management | Reporting and Analytics

ProcessPro provides an integrated cultivation management solution with track and trace record-keeping developed for seed to sale cannabis and cannabis-related product manufacturers. The mobile solution allows growers to track plants throughout the propagation, cultivation, and harvesting processes to optimize plant yields, improve cultivation methodologies, and facilitate greenhouse productivity. With one complete system, ProcessPro’s CMS and ERP solutions provide functionality that manages your critical business operations and greenhouse, while remaining compliant.

All-in-One Solution

With one integrated solution, ProcessPro’s cannabis cultivation technology provides growers and manufacturers a centralized database to make data-driven decisions from the greenhouse, production floor, warehouse, or on the road.

Monitor Plant Inventory in Real-Time

Plant Tracking

Our seed management software optimizes indoor, outdoor, and greenhouse operations with track and trace capabilities at the individual plant level throughout the growth stages. At the plant level, the solution allows companies to manage growing conditions for optimal yield output, facilitate quality control testing, and adhere to compliance requirements throughout the marijuana plant cycle. From propagation to harvest, our holistic solution provides unique plant identifiers – automating the recording of activities, costs, and test results in real-time for each plant to ensure traceability and regulatory compliance. Plant tracking functionality streamlines the recording and maintenance of unique plant and package tag ID’s per seed, clone or plant, especially important for medical or recreational operations.

Genealogy Tracking
  • Record plant genetics
  • Track cross-breeding
  • Log strain notes
Seed & Clone Propagation
  • Monitor clone potency
  • Record growth stages
  • Propagation techniques
Strain Tracking
  • Analyze strain performance
  • Improve yields
  • Go to market faster

Optimization of Growing Conditions

With ProcessPro’s seed management software, you’ll gain a greater insight of your plants and greenhouse activities – streamlining the processes necessary to maintain an optimal cultivation environment, including climate, light, and water/nutrient cycles for each strain to achieve production goals. By documenting and analyzing accurate data, you’ll achieve cost-effective and efficient greenhouse conditions required for the maximization of plant growth – leading to higher yields, lower costs, and increased profits.

Cannabis yield forecasting – Accurate data allows you to optimize each phase of the cannabis or hemp growth cycle – enabling you to forecast needs to reduce and control variable costs and lower the chance of unexpected expenditures.

Cost Management Reporting

ProcessPro’s cannabis ERP solution provides functionality to record important data points throughout the growth stages, harvesting, processing, and packaging to automate cost control, budgeting, and forecasting in real-time. By recording greenhouse, production, and warehouse processes and cost activities including labor, inventory, overhead, and facility expenses, you’ll be able to determine the true cost of production for each cannabis product and byproduct produced. The solution’s integrated analytics tools provide customized dashboard reporting to analyze plants, strains, products, customer and supplier performance, planned vs actual production, and yield to optimize business profits.

Staff productivity has a tremendous impact on profitability, and with ProcessPro’s resource and machine scheduling capability, you gain visibility to better manage employee, greenhouse, and production schedules and resources.

Cannabis Cultivation Specific Features

Strain Tracking and Variance Recording

Tracking plant strains through extraction is an important component of cannabis growing and manufacturing. Detailed information regarding strain, terpene profiles and THC and CBD cannabinoid potency, is efficiently maintained within the CMS; including quality control lab test results, batch yield information, growing conditions, propagation and harvesting techniques. Throughout its lifecycle, the grading and recording of the plant health during harvesting, drying, and curing are automated to ensure accuracy and consistency.

Regulatory Software Integration

Integration to approved regulatory compliance systems is essential; our cannabis growing software includes APIs to help manage data and integration to regulatory reporting bodies such as Metrc, BIOTRACK, and Leaf Data Systems to ensure you maintain compliance with accuracy in reporting. The system automates the entry and transfer of required reporting data collected throughout the growing, manufacturing, and production processes that are maintained in the solution’s centralized database. With easy export capabilities, the solution’s integrated reporting supports exporting in a number of different file formats including CSV, PDF, and HTML for ease of reading and sharing documents to governing bodies, investors, and internal staff.

Lab Testing and Sample Management

Track everything from soil quality (microbiological, nutrients, moisture, etc.) to final product lab results (potency, contaminants, etc.) within one solution. Easily place raw ingredients and plants into quarantine while awaiting results, store certified third-party test results, and generate and maintain CofA’s of finished products within the system to streamline alerting and look-up when needed. The solution’s robust quality control functionality helps to ensure high-quality, consistent end products and regulatory compliance.

All-in-one Cultivation Management Solution for growers and manufacturers. Gain a greater insight of your plants and greenhouse activities with ProcessPro Cannabis ERP.

Maximize profit while controlling expenses

Be unbeatable: Turn the art of cultivation into a science with the power of a platform

Your cultivation method may be an art, but the 365, 24/7 execution of art requires precision and attention to detail. Precision, attention to detail, innovation, compliance, vendor management, and a favorable market price are top of mind. MJ Platform has the tools and data to manage all of this in one system more efficiently and with more powerful data than ever before.

Data gives you powerful vision. Long grow cycles mean you need to know months in advance what the market will demand. MJ Platform’s historical yield data on plants, as well as sales data from retail shops, gives you insight to make better choices to meet demand at harvest time. MJ Platform captures the most critical cannabis cultivation data and aligns it all in one place with powerful analytical tools and visualizations. See your operation with clarity and understanding to spot productivity and savings opportunities. With access to the cannabis industry’s largest market data set with 7 years of data and $10,000,000,000 in sales processed, you can see market opportunity others cannot.

Every stage of the product lifecycle has costs attached to it, including: building, labor, nutrients, lighting, water, and more. As margins tighten with tougher competition, managing costs becomes an increasingly important part of sustainability. MJ Platform helps you track those costs every step of the way so you can eliminate costs, improve productivity, and invest resources in your most profitable places.

MJ Platform was built by cannabis people – managers and cultivators – who know the realities of running some of the largest cannabis grow operations in the world. Time is everything; fool-proofing is a must. MJ Platform enables best in process workflow, data classifications, and efficiency in cannabis technology. Customize your process flows to exactly match your business.

Only a platform can provide true integration that eliminates double entry and data mismatch. MJ Platform allows real-time integration to the best technology tools for accounting, grow controls, HR, wholesale marketplaces, and more. When data is changed in one system, it’s updated in all systems. And data from all systems can be viewed in one place. This enterprise view includes an executive dashboard with views across departments, locations, states, countries and even multi-currencies.

In a fast-growing industry, you can’t manage all your team members or be everywhere work happens. Modern businesses need virtual visibility into who’s working and productivity of that work. Platform gives your team visibility at macro and individual levels. You can communicate remotely, including assigning tasks. And finally, manage the data of your team – schedules, hours, payroll – all in one place.

Cannabis is not a desk job. A mobile platform means your team can capture data, receive tasks, and view information from any place indoors, outdoors, and on any device. Freeing your team of a stationary workstation and eliminating faulty paper records drives higher efficiency, accuracy, and frees up more options for creative design and layout of your operation.

You aren’t in business alone. Suppliers and wholesale customers are critical partners. Receive and send in-system communications on receiving orders, invoice payment, statuses, and more. Set reminders and automated communications for re-orders of critical supplies, and make it easy to find past sales and purchase history.

Cannabis is a unique product. Tracking cannabis from seed-to-sale requires cannabis specific technology that can handle your business at any scale and maintain compliance with all cannabis regulations – even when your business spans multiple territories, states, or nations. It’s more than marijuana tracking, it’s entire supply chain management from seed-to-sale and across your whole enterprise. You can manage more than just cannabis – you can manage all your goods, labor, and sales in one place.

Included in your services implementation package:

Successful management equates to successful operations and maximum profits. With grow software and a little guidance from our expert team, you are going to save time and money avoiding the mistakes others have made.

Our software is powerful and flexible, which means it can support exactly your business model and business processes whether you are an established business, or if your business model is still on paper. Our Implementation Package ensures your business model flows seamlessly and is effortlessly accelerated by MJ Freeway. You don’t buy tools; you buy smart cannabis people with tools. Our people ensure your tools, software, and hardware, are set up just right to support your business.

To get you thinking, below are example activities we’ve completed for clients. But don’t worry, the first step is to have a MJ Freeway expert meet with you to determine the activities customized to your business. We got you.

  • Review your plant and product procedures to ensure compliance and safety, as well as create greater safeguards against diversion.
  • Our expert team can be on-site* for system support on your go live day.
  • Get role-based, recorded training customized for your business model and tailored to each role in your operation that uses the software, for example: check-in person, budtender, cultivation assistant.
  • Identify inefficiencies and redundancies in your operational set-up with a focus on saving time and labor costs.
  • Set up tracking of nutrient mixes by plant grouping to track cost of goods and maximize yields.
  • Evaluate extraction process and substrate mixture to reach optimal production and maximize yields.
  • Use data to monitor and improve your business by setting up MJ Freeway cultivation and/or retail reports that gives you the information you need to drive increased efficiency and revenue.

MJ Freeway Business Solutions offers a solid solution to compliance for cannabis grow software.