buddha weed strain

Buddha weed strain

This strain is a definitely a 5 star strain on my top 5. Full body and cerebral stone, and a sweet candy like flower taste. I will definitely keep this in the stash. Goes great playing video games or watching a documentary. Be prepared for the giggles and munchies. The buds are a little hard for my liking but the effects taste and smell make up well over.

Smokie is top notch, I have a Large 6 foot tent, and smoke smoke grew 6 foot. I have so much smoke not only can I smoke as much as I need to get everything done during the day, but I got so much smokie that I can earn a living now.

Nice and tasty bud. Worked like a charm! Would definitely get again.

This is my top recommendation for herb! It’s how weed is supposed to make you feel! I can work with it, or I can play with it! Realize, it opens the gate to light hallucinations, so be careful. Also, I found myself laughing just because. The only problem is, I haven’t found any In about 18 months. When it comes back, I’ll be stocking up BIG TIME!

Never bothered to review before, but wow. What a strain. I love land races and that’s what this is. Reminds me of the high we got back in college when no one knew strains (90’s). Select (vape) brand is one of the cleanest and best. Tested 90%. Bought 2 grams of it – as I rarely find a strain that has any real effect anymore. Imo between this and Afghani for an indica. I’m set. Only took like 45 strains to get here lol. I’m a strain chaser vs heavy user. Might smoke 2-3 times a week. Sour D or rather sour apple (sour d x cindy99) is another. But Laughing Buddha is without question the best strain I’ve ever smoked and have a draw full of “almosts..”. I’ve not been knocked on my arse like that in years. But it’s functional. More or less. Socially at least , don’t think I’d drive.

Had this strain recently from RWU and it is fantastic, Energy, motivation, focus and supremely uplifted mood. Great for socializing or concentrating. I can go from a sour mood to getting a ton of productivity done in a great headspace. For me, this one is a keeper.

I love this strain it’s engineered divinely I am also a breeder so I really appreciate thai and most east asian strains I can say I haven’t met one I didn’t Love I’m a landrace guy mostly but I liken this beautiful piece of work to amnesia haze but I’m very very partial to amnesia haze. However I believe laughing Buddha extremely effective against PTSD or any anxiety disorder for that matter. It’s amazing I’m seeing a pattern in the strains that are perfect for me TTY his is def one of them.

I’d like to mention that I’m new to this research, and this is only my third strain I’ve had. Each month I try a new one, vaping only one sativa daily and the one indica nightly. Since my general disposition is somewhat irritable and lacks focus, I am looking for something that assists in relaxing me so I can be pleasant, and laugh instead of get angry, and something which can keep me focused. This Laughing Buddha was NOT for this girl. first of all, it does leave a bit of paranoia which once its understood that its the weed, I can relax about that. second, it leaves me almost couch-locked and stupified – i cannot have conversations cuz I can’t remember what they asked or said. that’s not helping focus. lastly, it seems to magnify my sensitivities which is not a good thing when a five year old is tired and crying and whining and clingy and you’re it. so, no relaxation or uplifting feeling with this. But to leave things on a nicer note: there was one nice thing about this strain — it made me randy and I rather liked that. 🙂

Laughing Buddha is a 2003 High Times Cannabis Cup award-winning sativa dominant strain, which is primarily a cross between Jamaican and Thai weed strains. Not only is it an award winning strain, but it is quite different from various other strains you may have already come across before. With THC…