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Four Bridesmaids Reveal the Moments Their Friends Turned Into Bridezillas

These four stories, from bridesmaids who had to deal with real-life bridezillas, will make your jaw drop.

We’ve all heard at least one horror story about brides who was a little extra when it came to her wedding day. Although no one sets out to be a bridezilla, we can all agree that it’s pretty fun to read about that bride-at least for the shock factor. Here, four former bridesmaids dish on the exact moments they realized their friends had turned into bridezillas.

When she explained the reason behind her child-free wedding.

Plenty of couples enforce a no-kids rule because of budget or space, but bridesmaid Jessica H. says her friend did so because she was afraid the “competition” on her big day. “My friend didn’t want children at her wedding because it was her day. She didn’t want people saying, ‘Oh look at the cute children.’ She said she wanted everyone to look at her, the bride,” she explains. Ultimately, the bride allowed two kids-a flower girl and ring bearer-to be present at the wedding, but by then she had already gone into full-on bridezilla mode.

When she put the entire group to work on the wedding day.

Plenty of brides ask their bridesmaids to help with tasks leading up to the wedding, but these requests should be reasonable and should happen long before the big day. Unfortunately, that is not the experience Victoria W. had as a ‘maid. In addition to choosing costly dresses and asking each bridesmaid to have their hair and makeup done at an expensive salon, the bride also put her group to work just hours ahead of the wedding-once they were all dressed up. After the entire group had their hair and makeup done, Victoria says the bride told them all she needed them to help set-up the venue, which include an hour of moving chairs and setting tables.

When she made her bridesmaids stand outside in the snow-in knee-length dresses.

Kim B. says the bridesmaids’ dresses for her friend’s wedding garnered a number of complaints (the color wasn’t flattering on anyone, the fabric-a mix of acetate satin and tulle-was itchy), being forced to stand outside in the snow while wearing those knee-length dresses was the worst part about them. “The bride insisted we do the photos outside at a scenic location despite the fact it had started to snow,” she says. To make matters worse, the kept commenting on how everyone was shivering and the fact that their eyes were watering. At that point, there was no doubt in Kim’s mind that her friend had become a complete bridezilla.

When her expectations far exceed anyone’s budget.

Lynn T. eventually ended her friendship the bride over her bridezilla behavior. The bride had both a destination bridal shower and bachelorette party, the costs of which-including travel, expenses for the events, and the cost of hotels-set Lynn back an estimated $2,000. Once she factored in the costs of her dress, a gift, and hair and makeup, she says she spent well over $3,000 to be a bridesmaid. The strain, she says, was felt by everyone. “Her other friends took second jobs tutoring to afford being in the wedding!”

These four stories, from bridesmaids who had to deal with real-life bridezillas, will make your jaw drop.