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The Breath Mints Strain Review Feat. Freddy’s Fuego & Evergreen Market

Tic Tac’s, Altoids, and those peppermint candies are the first things that come to mind when I think of breath mints. Freddy’s Fueugo, a Washington state cannabis brand, is producing the Breath Mints strain. This indica- dominant strain is a cross of Mendo Breath and Sin Mint Cookies, two strains I enjoy on their own. Rich flavor profiles and potent effects dominate both parent strains and those are passed down to Breath Mints. Originally cultivated by Sin City Seeds this strain has become quite popular as people chase flavors and appearance in their cannabis.

Freddy’s Fuego utilizes visually appealing packages for their products. A black mylar feeling bag with gold trim cultivates the pirate experience. Their pirate logo sits in the middle of the bag, just above some necessary cannabis information. The smell started leaking out of the bag as I cut along the top with scissors.

A combination of vanilla and caramel filled the air in my apartment. I kept sticking my nose in the bag wanting more of the smell. Small popcorn sized nugs, perfect for snappers, rest in the bottom of the bag. The combination of purple and green colors creates a camouflaged appearance with a speckling of trichomes on the top.

The small nugs are perfect for loading into a bong and taking rips while ensuring that you have a greens hit almost every time. A strong caramel flavor came through with each rip of Breath Mints. I’ve found that using a hemp wick helps to preserve the flavor and prevent that nasty flavor that lighters occasionally share.

Breath Mints isn’t going to glue you to the couch indica. It does encourage the munchies and some serious cottonmouth. I never felt tired or unable to move around. I was able to enjoy a quiet Sunday morning waiting for the NFL games to kick off. There wasn’t a desire to rush through my day, instead, I started my morning relaxed and ready for the day.

Freddy's Fueugo, a Washington state cannabis brand, is producing the Breath Mints strain. A indica cross of Mendo Breath and Sin Mint Cookies