blue walker strain

Blue walker strain

Blue Walker Strain

Sativa Dominant Hybrid – 90% Sativa / 10% Indica
CBD: 4%

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Really great weed keeps me feeling happy and clam and ready to go about my day

Nice strain. Definitely a potent flower. Smells like a sharp blue dream cheese. The high does hit you quick and take you to a nice warm euphoria – with almost no cough. Within 30 to 45, I started to feel jellyish aka melting into a overall body wellbeing that was much appreciated. Conclusion, this strain is for those looking for a potent Euphoria followed by an even stronger descend (Novice smoker) or ascension (seasoned/veteran smokers aka a nice warm up lol). Try it. A deep breath of it alone will make your left eye twitch shut, prompting you to close the right one, as you smile and expel the fragrance of happy.

Blue Walker is a hybrid marijuana strain that is produced by crossing Skywalker with Blue Dream. It's Indica/ Sativa content is 10/90 percent. It has 26.77 percent THC level, 1.13 percent CBN level and 3.96 percent CBD level. It has medium sized green colored leaves, small nugs that are covered w…