blue knight strain review

Blue Knight Strain – Everything you need to know & more!

Blue Knight is an exceptionally rare, indica-dominant strain. It was bred from two very well known strains, and is therefore considered to be royal or noble. The main reason for its name is the fact that it’s a strain of noble birth, but also because it has deep blue or purple buds mixed in with the normal green hues. This combination makes for a very beautiful strain, which is considered by many to be top-shelf. It has a berry, vanilla aroma that should be enjoyed inside a flower vaporizer , for maximum taste value.

This strain is sometimes called Dark Knight strain, Purple Knight strain, Knights of Pineapple, or The Blue Knights strain.

Look closely for the deep blues in Blue Knight. Photo: @ justin121291

Blue Knight strain: Indica or Sativa?

Blue Knight is an indica-dominant hybrid, but only very slightly. Some people would argue that this strain is very well-balanced, which increases its popularity even further. Well-balanced hybrids are amongst the most popular of all marijuana strain types in this day and age because you get the warm relaxing hug of an indica whilst also being given a burst of cerebral energy from a sativa. Blue Knight is fairly strong, and it has a very rich aroma and flavor.

Blue Knight strain genetics

It’s hard to say who the original growers were, and, therefore, it’s even harder to find seeds for this strain. However, what is known is that this strain descends from two incredibly well-known lineages. The two strains which were crossed to create the Blue Knight are:

  • Kryptonite
  • Blueberry

Blueberry is often crossed with other strains to create exceptionally dank strains because of its flavour, yield, and reasonably strong potency.

Blue Knight weed THC percentage

The average balanced hybrid has around 13% THC content. Blue Knight normally tests at around 18% THC potency, but some strong phenotypes can test as high as 27%. This can be pretty strong, especially for newer smokers.

Blue Knight weed strain price

Blue Knight is top-shelf and exceedingly rare. You also can’t really find the seeds online. This, unfortunately, means that if you can find this strain you’re going to be paying at least $20 a gram for it. Some places may even charge you more than this, but it should be worth it!

Blue Knight Strain taste

Blue Knight has Blueberry as one of its parents. Read: you can always expect a nice blueberry smell as well as a sweet and berry flavor. This should definitely be enjoyed inside a flower vaporizer . By not wrapping your herb up in a paper and lighting it, there’s no combustion of either plant material or paper. That means there’s much cleaner smoke, which simply tastes far superior. You should also grind your herb up first for maximum taste. The full taste profile of Blue Knight is:

  • Berry
  • Blueberry
  • Sweet
  • Earthy

Blue Knight Strain oil, wax, shatter, edibles, etc.

Strains most commonly used for concentrates are tasty, potent strains. Obviously, Blue Knight has both taste and potency. This makes it a perfect option for creating Butane Hash Oil. However, this process can be incredibly dangerous if you do it at home, so it’s highly recommended that you take precautions, or simply don’t do it. People have been known to burn down their homes using this extraction method .

You can also use any strain you want to make edibles. You simply need to stick your weed in the oven for at least an hour and then mix it with a fat or oil. This process is called decarboxylation , and it turns THCA into THC. Without decarboxylation, your weed edibles won’t have any potency. The other method of making edibles is to use already vaped bud (AVB), which is the leftover from your vaping endeavors. AVB is perfectly decarboxylated weed.

A truly royal strain, Blue Knight's lineage make it a dank, indica-dominant hybrid. True to form, it tastes and smells great, and the high tokers experience is one known for lifting clouds of depression. Blue Knight is potent, averaging in at 18% THC. This is a rare strain, but well worth the trouble of finding!