bloodstar strain

Bloodstar strain

Just recently picked some of this up to check out the difference of a dominate satvia strain, and I gotta say, wow! Wanting to try this to see if I can avoid the sleepy/munchy effect that can terrorize all of us once it comes up, and this plant did the trick. It was a much different feeling then you would get from a much more Indica dominated strain. You felt great, but you also felt enhanced in what you where doing with anxiety, depression and worry set aside for focus. Had no need or want to eat anything even a few hours after using the product. Not silly stoned, but more of eased stoned. Best way to explain it is residing in water temperature perfect hot tub. The smoke itself isn’t harsh at all, more like clean, crisp AAA pipe tobacco. Fantastic strain for those looking for a buzz, but not a buzz so dominate it adheres you to the couch.

The Blood is an extremely rare 100% pure sativa strain native to the islands of Hawaii. Even though it's hard to come by on the mainland, this bud is said to be the parents of some of our classic favorite Hawaiian strains, including Kona Gold and Hawaiian. If you're lucky enough to get your han…