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Blimburn Seeds Anyone.

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cheap seeds can also be a breeder’s response to greed. you’ll find few people that hate on mandala’s affordable gear. sannies’ $50 strains are considered world class. for the moment, high quality seeds’ $30 or so haze x skunk is my second favorite strain for having some real psychoactivity in a super potent and long lasting strain that doesn’t degrade to stony even after a month.

i think a lot of the bias against cheap strains can be traced to nirvana’s gear, some of which at least used to be nice, but never the fems or autos which suck, and a lot of them being more watered down and generic with reports recently that even their regs are starting to decline.

if you wait long enough, eventually the freebies will get reported on. i just placed an order for chocolope & CH9 jack fems so i could get a blim burn orka freebie that’s allegedly trippy after reading another thread asking this same question. i get a kick out of reporting results here even if sativa haters are always on my jock as i know what it’s like to be interested in a strain and never being able to get a decent report on it, and i begged and pleaded for an acceptable report on the super silver haze and apollo 11 everyone tried to steer me into years ago and never did get a direct answer to my questions.

i’ll just tell it like it is with the orka. i have no opinions one way or the other about anything without trying it myself, but do avoid gear like KC brains’ stuff when i see nothing but rants against it. if it turns out to be just another generic haze, i’ll yawn, but even that kicks all the stoned and stoopid shit on the streets, but if it delivers, i’ll give them the same respect i do HQS. good gear, just as much as bad shit, deserves the appropriate recognition, but it might take me some time to get around to it as i have some higher priority gear i want to try or re-visit.

if you REALLY want to know, buy a pack of whatever and just get a freebie or two to test for yourself. even at full price for a pack, it’s not that huge of a gamble like a $100 or more strain.

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What I like to think is there all the same seeds . as in there is a mass producer that they get seeds from and redistribute under diffeent names . Blim burn seeds have the same crosses as 1000 other Dutch /Spanish / seedbanks ..just wit a fancier discription which people eat right up ..

Lets use our brains here people seedbank with 15 strains overnight . All FEMS . ..c’mon any company you never heard of with that much variety selling all fems is just buying and reselling ..NO BREEDING ..I would be surprised of they had a grow room ..u don’t need it when ur jus renaming seeds

That said some of those Dutch clones can be hit or miss ..bc it’s jus mass produced some of those clones can be orginal varietys or really old ones with decent phenos ..but we never kno bc there no interaction or quality control done ..its like u have to just take there word for it one it comes to my money I won’t

Look at royal queen seeds “new” crosses some of them use a ” pre 98″ kush (big blue writing on package -_-) I say bull shit’s jus GHS bubba kush seeds ..they changed they discription but left the lineage as kush x bubble gum (–_–) they also have kaidog which I suspect is the same beans as GHS chemdog ..attitude seedbank sells 75% of this shit ..if it weren’t for a few decent breeders and promos and there reputation I would not use them ..they sell doggies nuts seeds’s all business with them

And I wanna kno who’s really behind that company ?? The doggies nuts ..I kno it’s just another Dutch mass seed rename but I’ve never heard of doggies nuts having a “owner” or “breeder” goes to show u ..some people don’t wanna be linked to certain things ..I’m pretty sure there’s thousands if people wondering why your white widow is worth 400$ a pack and MNS seeds is 100+$ ..and he’s credited for it ..and there still in business ! I’ve never seen one grow report but the company has been open for yrs ..smhh

Just wondering if anyone knows about this breeder, or are they any good. Just wanting to know some kind of history on them cause they got some good looking…