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Similar Strains

These five strains are worth exploring if you like Blackberry Kush Fem strain because they are also strong and have similar genetics. With a punch of flavor and scent, these strains are the ones to check out if you are looking for something similar to Blackberry Kush Fem.

Triangle Kush Fem is a mixture of high yields and exotic flavors and makes a perfect sidekick to Blackberry Kush Fem. Similar in their fragrance profiles and known for their overall effects of relaxation, these two girls know how to get along.

OG Kush Fast is the fast version of the original OG Kush. Supporting insomnia just like Blackberry Kush Fem, these two gems are just what the doctor ordered if you are struggling with restless sleep.

Alternatively, try some Sour Kush Fem, which is the original OG Kush with some Sour Diesel mixed in for a splash of sativa-inspired fun.

Mango Kush Fem brings the fruity flavor and sweetness that Blackberry Kush also boasts. This highly textured plant will bring that overall tastiness to the party. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t want a little extra sweetness in their life?

Finally, Black Rhino is a very interesting 50/50 Hybrid created by crossing BlackBerry with White Rhino. A little more on the woody and earthy profile than the original Blackberry, this strain gives a very invigorating kind of high that will be sure to keep you moving.

Whether it’s sleep, food, or energy you are looking for, all of these similar female strains have something in common and are ready to support your wellness needs.

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