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Black Mamba

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Black Domina x Blue Bubblejuice


Bred by Blue Grass Seeds


Arrowhead-shaped barley corn green sepals dappled throughout with eggplant purple, in closed, tightncalyxes, with ochre pisitls, and above average coverage with short, thick-stalked trichomes with average heads


This sample had a typical (in the best way) Purple aroma. It has a perfume-like smell that reminded us of fancy soaps, with just a hint of fruity sweetness. The aroma was very enjoyable, but required some coaxing to really come out, and was never all that pungent.


The flavor was more sweet and fruity than the aroma was, with a definite grape element. It wasn’t very pungent beyond the first hit or two, but the smoke was smooth and not harsh on the throat. There was moderate expansion though, and multiple reviewers reported some coughing at the end of the review portion as the smoke became very thick.


This strain came on quickly, after 2 or 3 hits it sent a wave of pressure into the eyes and head, and a buzzing sensation in the feet and shoulders. A calming sensation came over our staff, putting the mind at ease, but making us a little slow-witted. It was more suited to stationary activities like watching a movie or (if you can keep your eyes open) reading a book, and we didn’t feel the desire to leave the house at all. The effect got somewhat tiring as it progressed, with strong muscle relaxation and heavy eyelids making it easy to go curl up for a nap. It was a smooth decline in effect, but multiple reviewers ended up falling asleep before the effects were completely gone.

Black Mamba is a strain of marijuana. Learn about the effects and characteristics of Black Mamba, and view our collection of cannabis photography.