black domino strain

Black domino strain

Black Domina by Claybourne Company lost me as a future customer from the start when I unsecured the label taped box & weighed out the eighth at 3.35 grams. On the positive, is the strain. An 95% Indica with 24% THC makes for a great almost all body high. Happy lazy relaxation that makes sleep a breeze. Buds are full fern green with tan pumpkin orange pistils. Light golden peach fuzz hairs & small frosty trichomes cover the buds. Herbal spicy pepper & piney citrus are the scents & flavors. Indica lovers get your Black Domina on, just not when it is by Claybourne Company. Medicate On 🙂

I bought 7 seeds from World Wide (Single Seed now) back in ’12 that all I recall is one named Domina (more or less), a free one, that has made it to be my last one. I’d like a near top shelf pure indica here and it smells skunk early (about three weeks). Outdoor is the plan.

I love this BD! Got everything I need!

I got it as a special from a dispensary in BC, it was good but it wasn’t great which was to be expected because it’s price was $120/oz. I only vape and with Black Domina I got a sufficient level of pain relief and duration that was strong enough to be overpowering if I vaped a whole .2g but I would often just pack my vape and hit it about 9 – 11 times at 385° which was enough to last a nightly toke session followed by a wake and bake. It was a great entry level Indica that I would recommend as one of the cheaper options to seek if price is what matters to you. I wasn’t able to get a sufficient level Body High, so far Blue Dream and ATF have only delivered in this area.

Black Domina is a near-pure indica, with a sativa/indica ratio of roughly 5:95. That means the high is centered almost entirely on the body, leaving patients lazy, euphoric, sleepy, and happy. This strain is a product of a four-way crossbreed between Northern Lights, Ortega, Hash Plant, and Afgha…