black dog weed strain

Black dog weed strain

Black D.O.G. Strain

Indica Dominant Hybrid – 85% Indica / 15% Sativa
THC: 16% – 24%, CBD: 3%

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Easy on the noggin, not too heavy but the just heavy enough. Good for an end of the night treatment, I usually make some tea but I’ll smoke it if I have the luxury of a lazy non-demanding evening. Great strain if you love Indica.

Heavy couch lock, dense buds

A dispensary had a GREAT deal going ,3 G for 20 and this one was on the list on sale so I picked some up and all I can say is OMG . The smell and the magnificent look of the bud compete to what sticks out more . The smell is like the juiciest berries with a hint of stank . The buds are covered in dark purple leaves that look almost black and they are are COVERED in tricombs . It feels like a shame to break into such a an amazing thing. it’s that nice . Top 5 . Get this in your life .

This picture doesn’t do this strain justice, because it is so damn pretty & the smell is outstanding! It literally is black in color & covered in straight frost! Thanks unc-meds. I’m never disappointed with any of your strains or products.

Wow. So purple its almost black. Also has tons of white trichs covered all over. Unc Med does it again. Always fire strains but most importantly great genetics!! Someone does their homework pheno hunting. ? Unc Med

Black D.O.G. is a rare indica dominant hybrid strain (85% indica/15% sativa) created through crossing the infamous Blackberry Kush X Emerald Headband strains. Named for its super dark appearance, Black D.O.G. has super fluffy oversized and rock hard deep forest green nugs with thin clear hairs an…