Best Marijuana Seeds For Hydroponics

There's an art to growing weed indoors. Let's take a look at 10 marijuana strains that are most suitable, depending on what you’re looking for! Shortlist of the five best marijuana strains to grow hydroponically. The best weed strains for hydro growing. For sale as feminized seeds. Sometimes, hydroponic gardening methods and types of cannabis strains are a perfect match. Learn which strains work best for your DWC system!

The 10 Best Strains for Growing Weed Indoors

So, you’ve made the decision to start growing your own weed indoors, but you’re not quite sure where to begin. The first thing you want to do is figure out the strain of weed you want to grow. Do you want the strongest or the easiest? There are so many varieties to choose from, so we have compiled a list of the 10 best strains for indoor growing to help you pick the one that is right for you.

Congratulations! You’ve decided to embark on the adventure of growing weed indoors.

Like so many others, you will find that indoor pot horticulture is the best way to keep yourself supplied with exactly the kind of weed you like.

It’s also the best way to make sure you are getting the purest product. Choosing to grow indoors eliminates most of the potential for the pests and infections which can plague some of the more delicate breeds of marijuana.

After you make that initial investment for seeds and equipment, you will find this can be also a great way for you to save money. You avoid the costs of a dispensary, but you have more control than if you were to grow your own outdoors.

Getting started growing weed indoors

Once you have decided to start growing weed indoors, you will need to make sure you have all the right equipment for a productive harvest.

You need the right space where you can set up the appropriate lights, fans, and water sources. You will also need to decide whether you are going to grow your marijuana in soil or hydroponically.

Finally, but most importantly, you need to decide what to grow.

There are literally hundreds of varieties of cannabis available. Some are more suited to indoor growing than others. Plants that do not grow too tall are better suited for indoors, for example, because there are usually space limitations.

Each one boasts different flavours and effects. Some are especially suited to alleviating certain health issues.

We’ve put together a list of the 10 best marijuana strains for growing indoors. Use these descriptions to help you decide which variety is best for your needs, budget, equipment and growing area.

The best strains for indoor growing

1. WSS Skunk Automatic

If you are a beginner, this strain of seed is a great way to start growing weed indoors. WSS Skunk Automatic is easy for people with no gardening experience or special equipment.

This variety is “autoflowering,” so you won’t need to change the lighting cycles of your grow lamps. You also will not have to worry about removing the male plants.

(Because only female plants produce buds, some breeds require the removal of the male plants to prevent pollination of the females. WSS Skunk Automatic removes this extra step.)

After about five weeks, you should see the first buds begin to develop on these compact bushes. Harvesting can take place around fifty days later.

This strain of cannabis has a nice, citrus flavour but still can pack a punch.

Another advantage to growing WSS Skunk Automatic is that it is hardy: it usually survives the mistakes commonly made by first-time pot growers. Newbies often over- or under- water their plants, or misjudge the amounts of nutrients needed.

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2. Amnesia Haze

Amnesia Haze is another terrific seed to start with if you are new to growing weed indoors, and not just because of the awesome name it has.

Amnesia Haze takes a little longer to come to fruition than other varieties: it can take between ten and twelve weeks to start flowering. Once it starts to produce, however, this variety has a high yield, producing 70-80 g per plant with up to 650g per meter squared under a 600w light.

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True to its moniker, this strain has a strong effect and is known to incite an infectious case of the giggles. It is sometimes called psychedelic.

Because Amnesia Haze is prone to contracting infections and pests, it does better when grown indoors.

Haze, like Skunk (above), is especially popular in the United States. This strain of marijuana has won several Cannabis Cups and is globally recognized as a crowd pleaser.

3. Shiva Shanti II

Here is another strain of cannabis which is perfect for new growers on a budget. Shiva Shanti II is called fast, tough and forgiving, making it perfect for those with less experience growing weed indoors.

Considered milder than its original cousin Shiva Shanti, it is also good for new smokers. This hybrid was developed with a specific eye towards the mass market.

This seed is inexpensive and easy to grow, and yet produces a nice buzz. It takes up to 55 days to grow and really performs best under indoor conditions.

Another advantage to this strain is that it does not smell strongly during its growth period. (It does, however, emit a strong aroma once you light it up.) If you are concerned about hiding your indoor pot garden, this may be a good choice for you.

4. Cheese Feminized

Cheese feminized is actually one of the most popular types of pot in the world. It has been around since the 1980s and still has the familiar taste and smell which made it a global favourite.

Cheese is especially suited to growing weed indoors because it responds well to the SCROG method (as does any plant with big buds which does not get too tall).

SCROG is a method of indoor cultivation that trains the pot plants to grow around fine screens. It is used to increase the yield of indoor plants by producing several bud plants per flower. SCROG creates a bigger canopy for an indoor crop so that more of each plant can take full advantage of the artificial light source.

Cheese is known for the size and abundance of its buds, so it is especially appealing to people growing weed indoors. Cheese comes in a lot of variations, including Blue Cheese!

5. Maple Leaf Indica

Maple Leaf Indica is considered a classic, famous for its special flavour and the amount of resin it produces. This strain comes from Afghanistan: the resin that the plant produces make it a perfect source for hash.

As an indica, this strain of pot is known for creating a relaxing effect. It’s sometimes used as an aphrodisiac! Like WSS Skunk, there is a citrus note to the Maple Leaf Indica.

Experienced growers note that this strain is reliable for producing a plentiful harvest. However, people do report varying degrees of success with the height of plants grown with these seeds.

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6. White Widow

Although indoor growing is suitable for newcomers, sometimes it is also the preferred method for growers who want a challenge. White Widow is not easy to grow, but the final product is worth the effort.

If you are growing weed indoors and you have some experience under your belt, this strain will take you to the next level.

Internationally famous, White Widow is a hybrid of Brazilian sativa and Indian indica. It has been a favourite in Europe since the 1990s. It got its name from the beads of white crystal resin which form on its buds. Its buds are white with crystal resin.

White Widow plants take about 60 days to come to fruition. It is suited to indoor cultivation because this kind of plant is considered especially picky. To achieve a healthy harvest with this crop, you need to be careful about its light, temperature, and feeding. These plants like a steady supply of nitrogen plus they require higher amounts of phosphorous.

Taking care of a temperamental plant like White Widow is easier in an indoor setting because you will have more control over all the variants it needs.

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7. Northern Lights

Growing weed indoors can develop far beyond a way to keep your stash supplied. For some growers, it turns into an art form.

Northern Lights is a connoisseur’s favourite, but it’s a very easy strain to grow indoors. It’s delicate and demanding. It’s not recommended to be smoked by beginners because it’s quite strong.

It is included on this list because it does especially well in small areas with a lot of ceiling light. Pot horticulturalists love it because its flowering period can last ten weeks or more. During that time, it can grow to incredible heights.

Fans of this strain describe its flavours as combining fruits and chamomile. Northern Lights marijuana made a name for itself as the pot in the stoner movie “Pineapple Express!”

Top 5 Best Marijuana Strains to Grow Hydroponically

Shortlist of the five best marijuana strains to grow hydroponically. The best weed strains for hydro growing. For sale as feminized seeds. Fast USA shipping.

The best cannabis strains for hydroponics must perform very well grown in a hydroponic system. To achieve this requirement, refer to our list below. We have compiled the top five best weed strains to grow hydroponically.

1. Blackberry Kush

“I grew mine in hydro and it was very easy to do so.”

2. LA Confidential

“LA Confidential has won several awards, including the 2006 High Times Strain of the Year.”

3. Blue Cheese

“It’s very forgiving as far as indoor growing goes!”

4. Chocolope

“If you are growing indoors they do well in a hydro system or soil mix but may need height restriction since they like to stretch and branch support for the big buds.”

5. Bubble Gum

“Mine was grown indoors hydroponicly and had the most beautiful frosty crystals on the flowers and smelled just like bubble gum.”

The Best Cannabis Strains for Deep Water Culture Hydroponics

One of the best hydroponic methods to begin your venture into soilless gardening is the basic deep water culture system, or DWC. Regardless of your experience with hydroponics, this simple system elevates your harvest in both quantity and the time it takes to grow.

When you use this system to grow your favorite strains of cannabis, you may never go back to soil-based gardening again. DWC acts as the typical gateway into hydroponic gardening—while you may stick with deep water culture hydroponics for a while, you might also decide to delve deeper into the more complex hydroponic systems that exist. Some of the best cannabis strains for deep water culture hydroponics are also some of the most popular, so DWC is an easy way to expand your supply or stock your own stash.

What Is Deep Water Culture Hydroponics?

Deep water culture hydroponic gardens begin with a large tub of water and plant nutrients. Containers full of the grow medium of your choice hold your crops in place atop the nutrient basin, allowing the roots to dangle freely into the water below.

The most important piece of a DWC system is the oxygen-producing air stone—without it, the roots will drown due to the lack of oxygen in the nutrients. This makes it essential for the garden to have constant access to a reliable power source: otherwise, the plants could die quickly.

Deep water culture systems don’t require any kinds of tubing, drippers, or hoses. All you need are the basin, the containers, a grow medium, and something to hold the containers in place.

Why It’s Better for Cannabis

Part of the reason cannabis grows better in any hydroponic system is that the nutrients and water can affect the roots directly—they don’t contain any soil-based pests or diseases, and all liquid cycles through the system rather than seeping down into the soil. In deep water culture systems, specifically, the roots couldn’t possibly get any closer to the nutrient solution. Inside the water, they’re consistently able to take in nutrients whenever they need to.

Consider the following factors as you explore what makes DWC so good for cannabis gardening:

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Low Maintenance

Deep water culture systems can be as simple as you’d like—they practically run themselves. That makes them appealing when you’re cultivating several plants, as you won’t need to do too much to maintain all your different systems. All you need to do is change out or top off the water, add nutrients, and check the pH levels. It may seem like a trick to get bigger harvests with less work, but it’s not an illusion!


Automating your DWC garden can take most of the work out of maintaining the hydroponic system. If you set it up to automatically add weekly fertilizer and water, you can focus on bigger issues, such as monitoring the fluctuating pH level and ensuring the crop is disease-free. The automation makes it even more of a low-maintenance garden than before.

Permanent Root Submersion

Plants have such large blooms in a DWC system because of the constant submersion of the roots. Nothing takes nutrients away from your crops—when the system is indoors, no soil drainage, pests, or weeds exist to soak up nutrients or spread diseases. The only way that pests can enter is through poor ventilation or contact with tools from outside. With properly aerated and totally submerged roots, they don’t need to rely on you or a system of tubes to get food when they want it.

The Best Strains

Since pH fluctuations are more common with DWC systems (because of the lack of soil), you want to choose cannabis strains that can handle that variability. Here are our favorites:

Amnesia Haze

Famous for its earthy, citrusy flavors and its ability to energize you in a pinch, Amnesia Haze is the sativa strain you want when it’s time to focus on the task at hand. It produces large amounts of THC, giving you a high that helps you socialize and keep your mood up. It’s also won several Cannabis Cup championships. It works well in deep water culture systems due to its medium size and easy cultivation.

Royal Moby

If you’re searching for a strain to grow in a short amount of time, Royal Moby might be your go-to. An evolution of the Moby Dick strain, it’s a hybrid between the Haze and White Widow strains. It’s primarily sativa and grows high—sometimes reaching three meters. The initial taste is vanilla, but it contains nodes of citrus beyond the vanilla. Moby Dick averages about 18 percent THC, while Royal Moby can reach a powerful 21 percent.

Purple Queen

The Purple Queen plant is incredibly beautiful, with vibrant purple leaves, and it leaves you feeling completely relaxed. She doesn’t grow taller than one meter and completes a growing cycle within eight weeks. This resilient Queen can withstand pH fluctuations like a champion, whether she’s indoors or outdoors.

Skunk XL

One of the most classic strains of cannabis is Skunk #1—and Skunk XL piggybacks off its success with an evolution. Skunk XL is easy to maintain and take care of but may grow over one meter high. This strain is popular among commercial growers due to the high yield per plant. It has a fruity taste that anyone can enjoy.

Gorilla Glue

Another strain that’s famous for its relaxing high is Gorilla Glue, or GG4. Its name comes from the feeling of being stuck to the couch that you experience after ingesting it. With its potent high and calming effects, this strain is excellent to grow if you’re searching for something with an earthy, sour flavor.

These are only some of the best cannabis strains for deep water culture hydroponics—there are many more strains and hybrids just as resilient in DWC systems. Whether you’re looking for a community to share your spoils with or high-quality hydroponic growing supplies for your excursion into hydroponics, FloraFlex can set you up for gardening success. Check out our social media and selection of kits, fertilizer, and accessories if you want beginner-friendly gear and a social circle to help you learn all about hydroponics.