berner cookies strain

Berner cookies strain

When I saw Berners Cookies I knew this was something special. Super tight buds of round to oval shape. Beautiful color and the thick, heavy nugs..oh my goodness so meaty, very pleasing. The smell is a chemical aroma. medical smelling if you know what I mean. A good rich, heavy earthy smell comes thru and isn’t green or dirty. It’s clean, and pleasant exciting the taste buds. The feel is heavy, thick, meaty super dense. Euphoria even before enjoying this stellar bud. 😉 The smoke..Holy Crap.. heavy duty smoke ahead! The flavor is so pleasant! Taste like it smells. Can’t say any vanilla favor comes thru. Just rich herby/chemical taste with a flavor that can’t be beat. This folks is rare weed. Even before the effects.. grab this higher than top shelf smoke if you can. The effects.. your creative and happy. Carefree.. and interested in everything you enjoy, music, science, it’s wonderful effects and long lasting but it will have you wanting more within an hour or so. it’s so yummy guys. I’m 61 years old and a long time smoker. You just don’t find smoke like this very often. If it’s grown right, you have the best Sativa Ive ever smoked. Direct from California.. Grab some!

Berner's Cookies is a sativa dominant hybrid (80% sativa/20% indica) strain created by the infamous Berner himself, a rapper friend of Wiz Khalifa. With its addictive flavor and crazy potent THC level that hits above 27% on average, this heavy-hitting cut of Girl Scout Cookies is not to be under…