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Banana Kush (White Label) feminized

Banana Kush by Sensi Seeds’ White Label brings cannabis aficionados the best of Kush, Haze, and Skunk, all in one fantastic indica hybrid. Get ready to enjoy a relaxing high with a bit of an uplifting buzz. Accompanied by flavour notes of sweet banana, hints of lemon, and plenty of rich, spicy Kush goodness, this smoke is one to remember.

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White Label – Banana Kush: Superb Kush-Haze Mix

To create Banana Kush, White Label took a Skunk-Haze strain (Silver Haze x Skunk Kush x NYC Diesel) and crossed her with an OG Kush mother plant. By combining Afghan Kush genetics from both parents with a hint of Haze, the resulting flavours were enhanced and fine-tuned, as was the high. This calming yet inspiring effect makes Banana Kush a great strain for Kush lovers who want to try something a bit different!

In the grow-op, Banana Kush displays a typical indica growth pattern with good vigour and resilience. She’ll develop a thick, main cola with sturdy branches and short internodes. When Banana Kush starts to flower, her sativa side comes to the fore as she easily stretches to double her size. For that reason, it can be recommended to initiate flowering once she has reached about half of the desired final size.

Also, this plant likes its fair share of nutrients, so feed her well to achieve the heaviest yields possible. Banana Kush is a good producer, but it can be trained and pruned to reach its full potential. After only 7–9 weeks of bloom, a bounty of Banana Kush buds will be yours.

When smoked, Banana Kush is refreshingly different from so many other Kush varieties. To her mostly indica effect she adds a nice sativa touch that elevates the powerful body high. She starts you out with a warm, deeply relaxing stone that eventually gives way to a giggly, happy, and creative high. When it comes to taste, you can enjoy sweet notes of ripe banana, brown sugar, and lemon-lime on top of a rich Afghan Kush base.

Banana Kush by White Label is a wonderful Kush with just a tad bit of Haze. Enjoy her superb fruity flavour and great high. Get Banana Kush seeds at Zamnesia!