10k jack strain

10k jack strain

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The Legion of Bloom ERA pods. The unrivaled quality of the Legion of Bloom meets the refined innovation that is PAX. The PAX ERA device and Pods are the ultimate oil vaporizer delivery system. Combine this with the quality cannabis oil and terpenes that the Legion is known for and this becomes a match made in heaven.

Dope Magazine” says, “The pods I tried were all Legion of Bloom, and they had incredible flavor compared to cartridges I’ve had in the past.”

Leak-proof and extremely durable, PAX ERA Pods contain a unique dual-end wicking feature for extreme vapor density that allows you to vape every last drop of concentrate.

Legion Strain Specific Pods

Legion of Bloom pods are available in the new High Intensity Pods allowing for up to 3x the vapor and come in a variety of hybrid, indica, and sativa strain specific terpene profiles. Very potent with exceptional flavor, these ERA pods create a very smooth, robust vaporizing experience.


10K Jack

(Northern Lights #5 X Shiva Skunk) A phenotype of the legendary Jack Herer strain chosen for its unique fruit-forward nose. Rumor has it that a single cut of this highly sought after pheno once sold for $10,000! Hence the name 10k Jack.

Notes of jackfruit, pine cleaner, and citrus.

Nina Limone

(Super Lemon Haze X Rebel God Smoke) This is a must-have sativa for those looking for a heady boost. Great for keeping it lively or grinding away on a long workday, this strain will keep you moving and grooving.

Notes of spice, lemon, and lime


Sensi Star

(Afghani X Unknown Sativa) This classic indica strain is renowned for delivering a powerfully synergistic effect without leaving your head in the clouds. A true gift for those in need.

Notes of citrus, berries, and sweet earth

Black Cherry Punch

(Black Cherry Pie X Purple Punch ) This indica dominant strain is a flavor explosion on the pallet. As a heavy indica, consumers should be warry as the addicting flavor can lead to overindulgence, sometimes leaving one incapacitated for several hours.

Notes of citrus and cherries with overtones of pine and earth

Lavender Kush

(Super Skunk X Big Skunk Korean X Afghani Hawaiian) When you are ready to decompress and unwind, this strain is a must. Perfect for ending a long day or enjoying yourself on a weekend getaway.

Notes of lavender, fresh flowers and a hint of cyan


Cindy 99

Cindy 99 or Cinderella 99 is a sativa-dominant hybrid has the ability to give you a dreamy high while keeping your feet planted firmly on the ground. Great for social events or long solo hikes in nature, “Cindy” truly is a universal companion that is always just down to go with the flow.

Notes of Sweet citrus with earthy overtones

Lemon Cookies

Lemon cookies (Lemon Haze X GSC) This sativa-leaning hybrid reminds you of the warm cozy feeling you get when you’re just getting home from a long trip. It offers a familiar high that showcases the best parts of this delicately curated strain.

Notes of lemon and citrus with undertones of sweet, pungent earth

Grapefruit OG

(BC Kush X Grapefruit) This hybrid offering is a classic Afghan Kush strain with a robust citrus-forward terpene profile. Great for activating your creative or playful side but still keeping it mellow without locking you out on the couch.

Notes of Grapefruit, citrus, and earth.


H – Gelato (Sunset Sherbert X Thin Mint GSC) A sweet and seductive hybrid of Sunset Sherbert and Thin Mint, Gelato boasts sensational crystals and terpenes when in bloom, rendering its flowers ripe for extraction. Although novices might find it to be a bit strong, many people find Gelato to be the perfect companion for the creative class, and it is a top choice among professionals who know how to maintain.

Notes of tropical fruit, roasted nuts, pungent earth

Strain-specific terpene profiles

Our cannabis terpene profiles all starts with specific strain selection based on desired effects. We then create a very precise formula, utilizing over 40 different full spectrum terpenes from botanically derived plant sources for each profile. By having a comprehensive bouquet of terpenes for our Strain Specific and 1:1 CBD Terrepen pods, we are able to maximize the desired entourage effects.

All Legion of Bloom Pods are free of Propylene glycol, Vegetable glycerin, MCT oil and Vitamin E acetate

No additives just cannabis oil and terpenes